Summer Semester Jumpstart Session 3

Your Perfect First Day

What if there was a way to settle in and make yourself at home before the first day of school even happens?

We are thrilled to welcome you to Singapore American School!

It won’t be long before your SAS story is filled with favorites. Favorite campus hang-outs, favorite places to study, favorite teachers, and more will become integral to your SAS experience.

But before you can choose favorites you have to experience a lot of “firsts.” And the first day of school is the biggest of them all. For each of us, the first day of school is often filled with everything from excitement and joy, to nervousness and maybe even a little terror.

Your first class. Your first Mr. Hoe lunch. Your first bus ride to campus. Your first friend. These mark the beginning of your time as an Eagle.

What if there was a way to settle in and make yourself at home before the first day of school even happens?

That’s exactly why we created Jumpstart.

Get comfortable finding your way around campus, learn how to manage your time and workload, become familiar with our project-based learning approach, and even make friends. Jumpstart gives you a two-week head start. Get all of the “first day” jitters out of the way in a program designed exclusively for new students like you and show up on the first day of school with confidence that you’re one of us and you belong here.

Jumpstart will help you conquer your “firsts” so that you can settle in and begin finding your favorites!

Extraordinary Care

Our highly professional SAS teachers are committed to building relationships with each child and fostering a sense of inclusive community within the program, making sure that each student feels supported, challenged and inspired. Students will develop deep lasting friendships that will serve as support throughout their entire SAS experience and beyond. This program is designed to make a big school feel small. Our daily advisory time will focus on collaboration, building relationships, and project management.


Throughout the school year at SAS, students will be expected to learn many new skills in order to be successful. The most essential SAS skills for each grade level have been identified by the Summer Semester team to best serve our diverse population. During the school year these skills are used on a regular basis and are the foundation of each student’s education here at SAS. Summer Semester Jumpstart is designed to give students opportunities to practice and deepen their understanding of these age-appropriate skills in a rigorous, personalized, project-based environment.


Summer Semester is designed for maximum flexibility and customization based on students’ passions and interests. Students will identify projects in one of four pathways to pursue throughout the two week session: engineering and technology, global issues, creative arts, and entrepreneurship. They will advance their competency in SAS skills by working on individual passion projects within those pathways.

Student Portfolio

Every student will complete a student portfolio which comprises evidence of academic research, a personalized product, and a presentation.

Early Learning Center and Elementary School

Early learning center and elementary school students will have fun building relationships and familiarizing themselves with campus life as they have their first experience at SAS. Early learning center learners will be introduced to our Reggio Emilia-inspired learning space, while the older students dive right into our innovative elementary facilities. Over the two week program, we will step into the shoes of experts and explore the world around us, and field trip day is always a favorite! On the final day, parents will be invited to join our new community and share in the Jumpstart experience.

It’s important to understand the world around us. Let’s explore our environment and Singapore’s rainforest ecosystem as we take some guided nature walks through our on-campus rainforest.

It’s time to build! Critical thinking and collaboration are the keys to success as we dive into the world of technology and engineering. We will explore challenging problems and design ways to solve them.

Let’s let our true creativity shine! We will explore our interests and find inspiration for our very own creations. Our masterpieces can be drawings, sculptures, stories, paintings, or whatever creative projects we can think of together!

Let’s learn more about our world! Together, we will be “traveling” to different countries and sharing our experiences with one another to increase our cultural competence. We all have a different story. What’s yours?

Time to play some sports! We are going to learn how to take care of our bodies and minds so that we can be strong and healthy. Let’s learn the best ways to practice and play together.

Thank you for making Jumpstart so engaging. Everyday, our son comes home from SAS energized. Thank you for guiding our son and his classmates through such an impactful experience.

Kathy Bailey, SAS Parent

Middle School and High School

Education should be more than the accumulation of knowledge. Learning at SAS is a process of discovery and transformation through pursuing individual passions and encountering new ways of viewing the world. Flexibility and academic program personalization are the hallmarks of an exemplary American education, and SAS delivers just that.

The Four Pathways


Students in this pathway may explore their passion for creation through an interdisciplinary approach—in order to research, design, and present an original product that can range from a compilation of poetry to a graphic design proposal or a musical composition. The sky truly is the limit!

Students will have the opportunity to engage in deep exploration and research of key issues affecting modern life on our planet while using an interdisciplinary approach. Each of them can choose to then focus on an issue that captures their heart including emerging economies, urbanization, humanitarian concerns, global health, climate change, as well as others.

Students will tap into their creative and problem solving skills while learning to use the design thinking process—an essential structure for effective project development. Using technology with the overarching goal of solving real-world problems, students may experiment with creating machines, 3D printing, coding, building robots, and more!

Students with a passion for the business world will have the opportunity to learn more about the realities of creating a business. They will work through the entrepreneurial process from the idea stage to the development of a clear business plan. Students will learn about data and market analysis in their field of interest and will build business acumen as they test ideas and products they have developed and prototyped.

Sample Workshops


  • Google Apps for Education
  • Getting acquainted with iMovie
  • Adobe Spark: Easy website creation
  • Project Documentation: HD video and photo


  • Outlining your thinking
  • Making powerful arguments
  • Citing sources properly
  • One Minute in an Elevator: Pitching ideas
  • Voice and effective presenting


  • Creating effective research questions
  • Effectively using SAS libraries
  • What is a “good” source?
Jumpstart was great, full of interesting topics to use for projects. I even met my current best friend in Jumpstart which was a great headstart for me in my SAS school life.


Active Minds and Bodies

In a bid to bring you rest and relaxation, here is a great solution to the stimulation and engagement that your kids require. Fertile minds and active bodies will be thoroughly sorted with Singapore American School’s Summer Semester.

HoneyKids ASIA, May 2016

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