6 to 8 Year-Olds (Entering First Grade)

Rachel Gray

In her sixth year as a kindergarten teacher at SAS, Rachel Gray has been engaging students in exciting summer learning experiences for the last six years.

Literacy and Drama

Jennifer Kelly

Jennifer Kelly has taught at SAS for 10 years. She loves teaching, spending time with children and watching them grow and develop skills through fun learning experiences. 

Learning Through Fun

Fernando De La Sierra

Fernando De La Sierra was born and raised in Zaragoza, Spain. In his previous life, he worked in the IT field but 10 years ago, after meeting his wife, he changed his career for education and started travelling around the world. He taught in Seoul for four years, and this is his fourth year at SAS.

Speaking Spanish

Ying Chu

I’ve been teaching at SAS for 9 years and currently I am teaching one of the first grade Chinese immersion classes. I’m looking forward to welcoming our Summer Semester learners to create a positive and conducive learning environment together. I’m more than ready to provide highly individualized content/skills to meet each student’s learning needs and learning styles with collaboration and support from our fabulous Summer Semester team.

Chinese Culture Club

Adrina Smith, PhD

Adrina Smith, PhD is a learning support teacher who is committed to personalizing learning experiences to ensure that all students realize their full potential.

Learning Support

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