6 to 8 Year-Olds (Entering First Grade)

Rachel Gray

In her fifth year as a kindergarten teacher at SAS, Rachel Gray has been engaging students in exciting summer learning experiences for the last five years.

Literacy, Drama, and Art


Chris Smith

Chris Smith is currently an educational technology coach in the elementary school and has been part of the school for the last eight years.

Digital Design


Suzanne Heathorn

An art teacher at SAS for 14 years now, Suzanne Heathorn believes art is not just about beautiful pictures but something that can help us understand why and how it connects to the world around us. Her special love of painting and printmaking has led her to investigate how she can make it interact with other parts of her daily life whether it being used for ceramics, interior design or in fashion.

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math)


James Toney

In his third year at SAS, James Toney is a natural storyteller and enjoys sharing his life experiences with his students to make their learning more real.

JTO Video


Shuna Sun 

Ying Chu 

Shuna Sun has been teaching Chinese in the elementary school at SAS for the last 12 years. Ying Chu is teaching first graders as part of the Chinese Immersion program and is in her eighth year at SAS. Both of them are passionate to about sharing Chinese language and culture with young children.

Bilingual Chinese


Kevin Donaghey

Kevin Donaghey has been on the Summer Semester team for four years. Every year students express how much fun the program is. Donaghey's passion is physical activity. Helping students grow and develop both physically and socially makes his job one of the best in the world.

Physical Education (3 to 10 Year-Olds)


Other Courses in Summer Semester