3 to 5 Year-Olds (Entering Preschool)



Laura Schuster has worked in the early learning center at SAS for five years and in elementary school physical education for 14 years. Her passion is physical literacy and expressive arts. Schuster has taught with the Chinese teachers in SAS integrating movement and the arts to enhance language learning. She is a certified movement analyst in Laban Movement and uses a developmental approach as well as theatre games and creative dance concepts. 

Yulin Zhang is a native Chinese speaker and language teacher. At SAS, she is the assistant teacher in both Move and Groove and Chinese program in the early learning center for the past one and a half years.

Bilingual Chinese: Expressive Arts

Nancy Devine

Nancy Devine has taught in the early learning center at SAS for over 20 years. She will delve into a variety of themed weeks with the youngest learners during summer semester where the children will explore weekly themes using purposeful, practical and playful experiences.

Learning Through Inquiry