11 to 14 Year-Olds (Entering Sixth Grade)

Darnell Fine

Teacher, essayist, slam poet, and one of the founding instructors of the Atlanta Young Writers Institute. Fine has facilitated writing seminars nationally in the US and internationally around the world. He's looking forward to bringing his love for creative writing to Singapore.

Singapore Young Writers Institute


Jill Carpenter

In her eighth year at SAS and her third year teaching Summer Semester, Jill Carpenter is passionate about math, problem solving, and integrating technology while encouraging students to experience the amazing world of Augmented Reality.

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math)


Kris Munden

Kris Munden has been teaching at SAS for five years. He teaches sixth grade math and is passionate about learning.



Leah Llamzon

In her fourth year as a Summer Semester teacher, Leah Llamzon currently works with SAS students on their speech, language and social communication skills from kindergarten through twelfth grade.

Epicurean Delights


Shuna Sun 

Ying Chu 

Shuna Sun has been teaching Chinese in the elementary school at SAS for the last 12 years. Ying Chu is teaching first graders as part of the Chinese Immersion program and is in her eighth year at SAS. Both of them are passionate to about sharing Chinese language and culture with young children.

Bilingual Chinese


Kirsten Harvey

Over many years and in many countries, Kirsten Harvey has taught art, music, drama and photography, as well as class teaching but she's always found time for her love for photography. By pursuing her hobby, she has gained photographic qualifications, won international awards, and had her work exhibited and published. She enjoys taking tribal portraits and teaching photography to deprived children around Asia.

Click It!


Chuck Shriner

Chuck Shriner teaches physical education and wellness at SAS. He encourages wellness and nutrition among our students, utilizing best practices and salient themes so that students are able to engage in rewarding, fun-filled, and learner specific experiences utilizing SAS facilities.

Fitness, Health and Nutrition (11 to 14 Year-Olds)


Other Courses in Summer Semester