Middle School Program Guide

The middle school program guide provides students and their families with concise information about the middle school. During the course selection process, this guide serves as a tool to help students and parents make important decisions regarding programs of study.

Students and their families are asked to review the program planning guide carefully. This guide outlines the courses students are required to take and the courses students may choose to take (electives).

Students and their families are encouraged to seek advice from teachers and counselors regarding the appropriate courses for which to register. Students and their families are responsible for completing all registration online. Access to the online course selection tool will be shared with families via email and in the weekly SAS eNews.

Program Articulation

Singapore American School is committed to offering innovative programming supported by relevant curriculum and instruction. To achieve this goal, SAS evaluates and modifies curriculum as part of a structured curriculum review cycle. As a result of this process, the math curriculum has been revised and as the World Language program continues to grow and develop, there are programmatic changes worth noting. Please refer to the articulation diagrams that follow for a better understanding of the course offerings and progression in these curricular areas.

Sixth Grade Course Overview

Sixth Grade Core Course (Required)

Sixth Grade World Language (Required)

Sixth Grade Elective Year-Long Courses (Optional)

Sixth Grade Elective Trimester Courses (Optional)

Seventh Grade Course Overview

Seventh Grade Core Course (Required)

Seventh Grade World Language (Optional)

Seventh Grade Elective Year-Long Courses (Optional)

Seventh Grade Elective Semester Courses (Optional)

Eighth Grade Course Overview

Eighth Grade Core Course (Required)

Eighth Grade World Language (Optional)

Eighth Grade Elective Year-Long Courses (Optional)

Eighth Grade Elective Semester Courses (Optional)