Classroom Without Walls

The middle school Classroom Without Walls program extends student learning beyond experiences they can gain at school. The primary goal is for students to build positive relationships, trust, and cooperation with their peers and teachers by facing unique challenges and experiences outside of the classroom.

Through these challenges and experiences, students will be given opportunities to grow as individuals and to build self-esteem. Students will further develop their own environmental awareness and cultural competence through participating in activities specific to each trip. Once students return to the classroom, the lessons learned at CWW will support and enhance student learning throughout the rest of the school year.

What Happens in Classroom Without Walls?

Grade 6

iCONNECT – I Connect with Myself, Others, and the Environment

Each sixth grade student will attend a Classroom Without Walls trip in Singapore. Students will be grouped with their advisory classmates and their advisory teacher throughout the trip. Beginning with a trip to Pulau Ubin with classmates, teachers and a guide, the trip will focus on allowing students to explore the environment. Pulau Ubin is a throwback island to Singapore in the 1960s and is home to Singapore's last kampungs, or villages. Activities around the Goldkist resort will include: art, small moment writing reflection, photo scavenger hunt, iConnect beach walk, team building activities, hawker lunch, and evening entertainment.The culminating day includes a walk in the Hort Park area, a gondola ride to Sentosa and a celebratory water park finale.

Sixth grade students will:

  • Stretch themselves beyond their comfort zones through participating in new experiences and spending the night away from home;
  • Develop an awareness and appreciation of the environment through the exploration of regional flora and fauna; and
  • Develop new relationships with their classmates, teachers, side, and sixth grade team.

Grade 7

The Power of Teamwork

The theme of the seventh grade trip is "The Power of Teamwork." The three-day, two-night trip to Indonesia will involve a variety of activities. During the trip, each side will be divided into advisory groups and will then go through a series of activity rotations. Each activity will take place in a supportive and cooperative environment that will be designed to be fun and appropriately challenging for seventh graders.

Seventh grade students will:

  • Engage in a variety of challenging yet fun activities;
  • Learn how to cooperate with, encourage, and support others as they face new challenges together; and
  • Explore, what will be for many, a new part of Southeast Asia.

Grade 8

No One is an Island

Eighth grade students will travel to Indonesia for a four-day, three-night team-building trip. While team building is the primary objective, students will also participate in service learning, cultural appreciation, and eco-adventure. Advisory groups will have an opportunity to get better acquainted and more comfortable with the other 12 or 13 students they will work with for the remainder of the year.

Eighth grade students will:

  • Develop positive social skills and responsible social behavior through a variety of low risk, success building activities;
  • Create enduring memories and friendships through physical, social, and intellectual challenges;
  • Learn how to respect and appreciate the similarities and differences of others;
  • Build their cultural competence when learning about the local fishing villages;
  • Appreciate nature during their eco-adventure walks; and
  • Give back to neighboring communities while participating in service learning projects.

Instill trust, risk-taking, goal-setting, resiliency, and cooperation.

Shine A Light on the issue


I had the opportunity to experience kampung life first-hand. I thought critically about world issues and learned how some people get around them.

Small things such as the lack of hot water and big issues such as poverty and lack of infrastructure all have a root cause. Our trip shined a light on the issues.

Tim L., Eighth Grade

Building COnnections


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