Classroom Without Walls

The middle school Classroom Without Walls (CWW) program extends student learning beyond experiences they can gain at school. The primary goal is for students to build positive relationships, trust, and cooperation with their peers and teachers by facing unique challenges and experiences outside of the classroom.

Through these challenges and experiences, students will be given opportunities to grow as individuals and to build self-esteem. Middle school students will further develop their own environmental awareness and cultural competence through participating in activities specific to each trip. Once students return to the classroom, the lessons learned at CWW will support and enhance student learning throughout the rest of the school year.

Instill trust, risk-taking, goal-setting, resiliency, and cooperation.

Shine A Light on the issue


I had the opportunity to experience kampung life first-hand. I thought critically about world issues and learned how some people get around them.

Small things such as the lack of hot water and big issues such as poverty and lack of infrastructure all have a root cause. Our trip shined a light on the issues.

Tim L., Eighth Grade

Building COnnections


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ferry tickets purchased to get students to the various islands


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hours of service offered by our eighth grade students


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happy middle school students

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