International Middle School

Experience Guided Growth in Middle School

Our middle school students have the space to grow and find themselves in a unique and welcoming environment guided by teachers who particularly enjoy working with this dynamic age group.

Each grade level has its own neighborhood wing, and is further broken into three sides to make the community smaller and assist students in making connections with their classmates and teachers. Each side has an interdisciplinary team of teachers that support the academic, social, and emotional needs of all students.

A key component of the middle school is the advisory program. This small group of students meets at the start of every school day with their advisor(s), encouraging a sense of community among classmates, and a close mentoring relationship between the student and at least one adult in the school.

Middle school counselors are a critical part of creating a safe, inclusive, and supportive school community; each grade level has an assigned counselor who moves with a group of students through middle school, forming strong and trusting relationships with students and families.

The core middle school academic courses of reading language arts, social studies, math, science, physical education, health, and world language include project-based learning to provide real-world experiences that allow students to conceptualize and apply new learning. Elective courses of band, strings, choir, art, drama, dance, music creation, IT, video, tech, strategic learning, and cooking are just a few of the exploratory and innovative programs that capitalize on students’ interests and extend their learning. Middle school opportunities for leadership and service are provided to aid in developing a sense of responsibility and care for our extended community.

Classroom Without Walls

The middle school Classroom Without Walls program extends student learning beyond experiences they can gain at school. The primary goal is for middle school students to build positive relationships, trust, and cooperation with their peers and teachers by facing unique challenges and experiences outside of the classroom.

Extend boundaries of learning

Find out about Classroom Without Walls

A Day in a Life

Singapore American School has a reputation for having some of the best middle school educators in the world. We pride ourselves on the quality of our faculty and with all this talent in one place we want to give parents, students, and fellow educators a chance to peek inside our classrooms and see what really happens here.

Space to Grow


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local professionals visit SAS regularly to offer students a unique perspective

Deep Thinking and Hard Work


My teachers have taught me many life lessons from cultural knowledge to leadership responsibilities through the many programs available.

I have seen community and a passion for learning and for other skills like deep thinking and hard work.

Olivia M., Grade Eight