Are You Ready to Take Control of Your Learning?

Quest provides structure and time to support your efforts in pursuing your curiosity and passion. Instead of taking separate courses, juniors and seniors earn grades by completing various interdisciplinary projects based on their interests. We believe that students can achieve a greater depth of understanding if they are allowed to use the skills to explore what is most interesting to them.

The teachers ensure students are developing skills and help form connections to the real world including; personalized academic pursuits, going off-campus, working with corporate partners, and engaging in the community. Quest is designed to allow for flexibility in the students' schedule so they can have the time to explore, innovate, and be inspired.

What Makes Quest Unique?

Full-day yearlong program for juniors and seniors

Flexible yet accountable schedule

Institutional partnerships and internships

Variety of careers explored

Student-planned off-campus experiences

Networking opportunities

Interdisciplinary collaborative projects

Attend industry conferences

Skills-based curriculum

Mentorship with experts

Quest allows students to Develop interests and Network with professionals.

How Is the School Year Structured?

Quest is a yearlong program for students who want to experience project-based learning and conduct academic research. The units focus on interdisciplinary collaborative ventures, which help students experience various industries from engineering and coding to marketing and data analysis. The student-driven study (SDS) is an individual endeavor but structured to mimic academic research with the structure and guidance of the Quest team. Quest students explore various topics, forms of communication, and are encouraged to engage with school, community, and professional networks.

Units allow students to choose an area of interest in the theme

Allows for participation in co-curriculars and spirit activities

The student-driven study is completely personalized

Quest Timeline

Student-driven study Off-campus experience Unit projects Break


Students Discover strategies that work for them to be responsible for their own learning.

What Does My Day Look Like?

Each student in Quest schedules their time around the community time, group project work, and their student-driven study. Throughout the day the teachers regularly provide group and individual instruction to ensure that students are meeting expectations and discovering strategies that work for them to be responsible for their own learning. As such, there is no set schedule for how a Quest student spends their time. There are scheduled events, but they are not consistent from day-to-day. So, how do you manage your time? Through practice. Quest students are taught how to manage their time, and have flexibility and accountability to plan what they need to do. We believe it is good to practice time management before going to college.

Below is a sample daily schedule of a typical Quest student:

Quest Community: required attendance at assigned locations Group Work: scheduled by the group for the completion of unit projects and committee work Individual Time: scheduled by the student around other obligations


Courses Available in Quest

Take Control of Your Learning.

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How do I Earn Grades?

Students earn grades by completing various projects or tasks in the units and in the year-long endeavor called the student-driven study. This allows students to develop academic experiences that can be highlighted when applying to various colleges. Students can earn up to 6 credits in Quest and receive Catalyst credit for their projects and study. In addition, if a student wishes to submit to AP Research and to prepare for AP Statistics exams they can earn two AP credits in the program. If a student wishes to take all AT courses offered then they can receive the GPA grade bump, and if they decide to take two courses outside of Quest then they can earn two more AP credits if they decide to take AP courses. The student may also wish to take all courses at the college preparation level. In Quest, we accommodate all learners and paths.


Credits on the Transcript

Credit Course
English (AT) Research and Composition
Mathematics (AT) Data Analytics
Science (AT) Design Thinking
Social Studies Cultural Awareness and Collaboration
Elective Critical Thinking
Optional Creativity and Innovation

A traditional transcript is sent to college admissions officials that shows the grades earned in each of the courses listed above. Students earn grades by completing tasks in the units and the student-driven study. Each credit has different standards for which students are assessed and these are integrated into the various tasks so the curriculum is interdisciplinary. Often, adults are asked to utilize skills in various content areas in the same task. For example, a business plan that clearly communicates the product market viability and business profits. This utilizes math, English, design thinking and cultural awareness and is the task given to Quest students during the future unit. Providing these real-world experiences is why Quest was developed. 

The standards are based on skills from the following:

  • College Board Advanced Placement
  • EdLeader21
  • Common Core State Standards
  • Next Generation Science Standards
  • Hasso Plattner Institute of Design, Stanford University
  • Association of American Colleges and Universities

Colleges Want to see Students demonstrate ambition.

What Colleges Want

Quest students are admitted into a variety of different colleges and universities. Being in Quest allows students to work at various job sites, make products, start businesses, conduct graduate-level academic research and pursue passions—all of which can help to differentiate a student in the college admissions process.

"The closer relationship I had with my teachers in Quest made it easier to approach my professors and ask for help. I also benefited from the research and resume skills, which helped me apply for a medical dialogue review.”Armando DiCicco (SAS Class of 2017,
currently attending New York University)

"In freshmen convocation (they) gave us tips on how to do better academically and it was all about time management and self motivation. Thank you Quest for helping me develop these skills."Jacqueline Routhier (SAS Class of 2017,
currently attending Slippery Rock University)

Take Control of Our Own Learning

Quest is unique because we are granted the ability to take control of our own learning. We invested time into our passions and established networks and connections with experts. Quest sets itself apart because no where else can you be at school and working with professionals at the same time. Quest reinforced the importance of time management and being self-motivated. Using these skills helped me work with various NGOs committed to resolving the refugee crisis in Europe and with the Embassy of the European Union in Singapore. Working with these groups and organizations allowed me to set foot into the world we will inherit after we graduate which has given me the chance to get a head start for adulthood.

Nigel Li (CLASS OF 2017)

Prerequisites for entry to the program

Must be entering junior or senior year.

Must be on track for graduation.

Must complete the application form.
Must desire ownership of learning.

Quest Application Process

Second round of applications (subject to availability): Due January 31, 2020
Third round of applications (subject to availability): Due March 16, 2020

Quest encourages applications from a wide range of learners. All students who meet the prerequisites are encouraged to apply early. In the first round of admissions, senior applicants will be given priority but junior applicants will also be accepted in the program. Juniors who are admitted will be able to explore a multitude of options for their senior year through the opportunities they are exposed to in Quest and which are offered at SAS. Students and parents are encouraged to attend an informational session to better understand the program.

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