Health and Wellness in High School

All students are required to take one semester-long health and wellness course in tenth grade. All courses will include the following critical issues components: human sexuality and diseases, drug and alcohol issues, and decision-making.

Health and Wellness Courses in 2018-19

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Course Descriptions

Body Systems and Diseases

ID: 48011 Length: Semester
Credit: Health Education

This course is designed to help students better understand body systems and their functions. Students will understand the impact of personal health, behaviors and lifestyles on body systems. Emphasis will be placed on such important diseases and disorders as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and AIDS. Students will become aware of the major communicable and noncommunicable diseases with the emphasis on prevention, treatment, and significant medical breakthroughs. Students will also learn how research and medical advances influence prevention, lifestyle, wellness, and the control of health problems. Knowledge of the short and long term effects associated with the use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs on reproduction, pregnancy, and the health and wellness of an individual will be emphasized. A preventative versus a curative approach will be taken in order to encourage students to take responsibility for their own lifestyles and wellness.

Safety and First Aid

ID: 48012 Length: Semester
Credit: Health Education

This course is designed to help students become aware of their surroundings and how they can affect their own and other’s safety, and to help them deal with potential accidents and hazardous situations. The First Aid section will teach students what to do in a number of emergency medical situations. The course will follow American Red Cross Emergency Response programs for First Aid and CPR. Besides becoming proficient in CPR and other immediate related life saving techniques, complete emergency response first aid training will examine the most common injuries and situations associated with sports and other activities. Students will receive Red Cross certifications in both First Aid and CPR. Additionally, a three to four week study review of Critical Issues will be included on a variety of topics like alcohol, tobacco, (mis)used drugs, nutrition, sexuality, STIs and HIV/AIDS.

Life Balance: Body and Mind Wellness

ID: 48007 Length: Semester
Credit: Health Education

This course provides students with an opportunity to learn, discuss, and explore topics relevant to SAS teens and their overall wellbeing. The course will help students learn how to take healthy action and build toolkits to prepare them to handle the many challenges in their high school lives. Learning to reflect and process issues, and find language that will help one to articulate their needs will also be modeled. The core topics are mental health, healthy relationships, sexual health, physical health and nutritional health; this overall health framework will allow for the class to be responsive to current issues. This will be a very hands–on, participation focused, application minded, and project-based class.

Life Skills and Human Development

ID: 48010 Length: Semester
Credit: Health Education

This course provides students with a solid knowledge base about important personal and social skills to help them make appropriate lifestyle decisions. Topics include the misuse and abuse of alcohol, tobacco, and illicit drugs; human development, including reproduction, development of relationships, marriage, and divorce; and sexually transmitted diseases, including behaviors that lead to them and how to avoid them. Student participation in discussions and projects is a key element. Students should be mature and forthcoming in their attitudes toward the subject matter.