College Preparation in High School

At SAS, a team of college counselors works with juniors and seniors every year to assist them in the process of selecting and applying to colleges and universities. The focus is on helping students find colleges that will be the best fit for them: colleges to which they are admissible, at which they will be successful and happy, and from which they will graduate.

Every SAS student is assigned a college counselor in the spring of sophomore year. At that point, the college counselor will work with the student on questions regarding curriculum planning and course registration. In the middle of junior year, the college counselors begin the college counseling process in earnest, meeting with students and families to talk about ideas and aspirations and to begin building a college list. The college counseling office also offers a wide range of programming for parents interested in learning more about college admissions.

The best way for students to prepare for college is to have robust academic and extracurricular lives. All students will benefit from investing themselves fully in a wide range of courses and from becoming meaningfully engaged in several extracurricular activities. But each student’s college interests and search will be unique. The SAS college counselors are here to work with each individual student and family to talk about the journey ahead.

College Counseling