Your College Search

Do you love art? Are you an athlete? Are you interested in engineering or anthropology or languages? The first step in the college process should be considering your individual needs and interests. How do you like to learn—in discussion, in lectures, or through hands on work? How much contact do you like to have with your teachers? What kinds of people do you like to be around? There is no shortage of high performing universities that can provide you growth, opportunity, and a lifetime of memorable experiences. Have a look through the resources below to get a better understanding of the types of schools that might have what you need to achieve your goals

Life Changing Opportunities

I was accepted to every school I applied to, including Cornell, Carnegie Mellon University, and Northwestern. At nearly every UC I was offered the Dean’s or Regent’s Scholarship. I narrowed my choice down to Caltech, USC, Harvey Mudd, and UC Berkeley.

It was a really tough decision, but I ended up choosing USC because compared to the other schools, I’ll have more freedom to figure out exactly what I want to do, and because I’ll be attending for free as a full-ride Trustee Scholar and Viterbi Fellow.

Roopal Kondepudi (Class of 2017)