Faculty Recommendations

Teacher Recommendations

SAS has developed a system to help teachers write their recommendations. The first step is to ask one or two teachers—check with your SAS college counselor about the number—to write your recommendation letters. Your college counselor can help you select teachers who know you, respect you, and will write positive comments about you. Your teacher will write one letter of recommendation that will be used for each of your applications.

After your teacher has agreed to write for you, go to Family Connection, click the "about me" tab, and then click the “teacher recommendation” form relating to the subject area taught by the teacher. Thoughtfully and completely fill out the questionnaire to give the teacher the information necessary to write a thorough recommendation. Students who will be completing National Service or taking a gap year should be sure to request their teacher recommendation(s) and complete this questionnaire before they graduate.

Finally, please say thanks to any teacher who has written you a recommendation letter! Writing a good letter is hard work—send a thank you note or do something to let them know how much you appreciated their efforts.

Counselor Recommendations

Most colleges will also require a letter from your college counselor. At SAS, college counselors get to know you in a variety of ways: they meet with you multiple times; they attend sports and arts events; they read your teacher comments; they ask for parent questionnaires; and they review the resume and Counselor Recommendation questionnaire you have filled out in Family Connection. The more information you provide, the easier it is for your counselor to write a thoughtful and thorough recommendation.

To complete your counselor recommendation questionnaire, you must login to Family Connection and complete the "counselor rec" survey. This form is only available in the middle of the junior year and is due by August 31 of your senior year.

Disciplinary Reporting

Some colleges will ask whether you have been suspended from or asked to leave a school. If you are asked this question, it is your responsibility to answer it honestly; you should also write an explanation of what happened and what you learned from the experience. Likewise, if your SAS college counselor is asked about suspensions or expulsions, they will answer the question honestly and will try to provide context for the circumstances. Also, please note that many schools require SAS to report disciplinary infractions to the colleges if they occur after you have applied. The SAS college counselors are available to have conversations should you have any concerns about your disciplinary record.

Next Steps