A Perfect Fit

Every student is different. With different interests, academic needs, talents, and personalities, it is impossible to prescribe one “best” school that all students should apply to. We recognize the individual needs of each student and personalize a plan to help them select and gain acceptance to the best school for them

The college counselors at SAS have many years of experience and constantly keep up to date with changes and trends in the college admissions world. As such, they serve as resources who can answer or find answers to any question that may come up in the application process. The college counselors are here to help each student succeed in the journey to college.

We have compiled some of our favorite resources below to help students understand the application process.

Your College Counselors

2016 Graduate Profile


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college acceptance letters received by the class of 2016

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The Pursuit of Opportunity

SAS has been a kaleidoscope of opportunities waiting to be seized. My biggest lesson is to not lay dormant; to be active and engaged in even the smallest activities. Deciding to try out for Harvard Model Congress on a whim despite no prior debate experience resulted in one of the most memorable trips of my life in the 2016 Hong Kong Conference. Taking the school's 3D Design course despite no history of sculpture opened my eyes to new art forms. It's been a really eye-opening experience to see what happens when you pursue opportunities, rather than wait for them to come to you.

Sachi Shah (Class of 2017)

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