Known, Cared for, And Understood

Graduate Profile


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students with a 4.0 GPA or higher


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classes offered in high school for students to choose from


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college acceptance letters received by the class of 2016

A Strong Support System

College Admissions Representatives

Over 250 college admissions representatives visit SAS each year to see first-hand the type of exciting work our students engage in

Experienced Counselors

SAS counselors have personally met with hundreds of college admissions representatives worldwide

Extra Support

Students are assigned a personal/academic counselor to help them navigate day-to-day life and a college counselor in tenth grade to help prepare for college applications

Student Life Center

A comfortable and inviting meeting spot with spaces for club meetings, celebrations, study areas, and for students to simply relax and recharge

Peer Support

Students are placed in small advisory groups that meet often to help students receive the extra care and attention they need

House System

Students are placed in a house (Andor, Aquila, or Ethon) and participate in events throughout the year to earn points and hopefully win the house cup at the end of the year

leadership development


Over the past three years, SAS has provided an environment to develop my leadership skills and apply them in impactful ways. As the inaugural House President of Aquila, it has been a truly eye-opening experience to influence positive change through the house system and to cultivate the next generation of student leaders. I can trace most of my leadership growth to my involvement in student council, and am grateful for the opportunities I have had at SAS that have enabled me to experience such profound personal development.

Will Mundy (Class of 2017)