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Online Learning

Learning is happening all around us and is not limited to certain hours or specific locations. Personalization provides students with greater agency, voice and choice in how they learn, what they learn, when they learn, and where they learn – and online learning delivery models can enable these shifts.

At SAS, the goal for our online learning option is to provide a flexible and more personalized learning experience for our students. An experience that allows students to dive deeper into their passions and make global connections that also prepares them for a future in which asynchronous, self-directed learning and problem solving is sought after.

Global Online Academy

SAS is a member of the Global Online Academy (GOA), a consortium of the top independent schools from around the world. As a member of GOA, SAS students can enroll in courses as diverse as The Graphic Novel or Medical Problem Solving. Learning alongside their peers from the US and other international schools, SAS students have an exciting and flexible online learning opportunity that will challenge them to further develop cultural competence and global citizenship skills.

Students in tenth to twelfth grade who would like specialized learning options beyond SAS’s in-house course offerings may choose to enroll in a one semester or a year-long online course through GOA’s diverse and rigorous selection of online courses, up to a maximum of one credit per year, with the GOA course replacing one of the six or seven courses a student would ordinarily take during the academic year. Students are encouraged to select a course that allows them to follow their interests or passions and goes beyond the options available at SAS.

Global Online Academy Course Catalog

Academic Rigor Powered my Intellectual Curiosity

For 12 years SAS has raised me. The friends I made nurtured my optimistic personality, the outstanding teachers and academic rigor powered my intellectual curiosity, and the extracurricular programs encouraged me to pursue my passions. I fell in love with service, embraced the arts through dance, and experienced the life of a journalist through the school newspaper, The Eye. These are all activities I know I will continue to pursue. No matter where I am in the world, SAS will always be the place I call home.

Jeane Khang (Class of 2016)

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