AT Writing Workshop and Publication

Student writers will get a chance to experience the complete creative writing experience, from writing exercises to deep revision. They will learn to work individually as artists on a range of pieces that they choose and design, and then work together to make decisions and participate meaningfully in a writing community.

What are the major projects you will complete in this course?

The collaborative project for the course is a published anthology, available worldwide on and other platforms, that students envision, refine, create, design, market and celebrate in a public reading.  

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Michael Clark

"You should take this course if you love writing and want to learn more about how working writers create and collaborate. This course requires flexibility and self discipline. There is no exam—the learning comes to life when the students hold their own book in their hands and celebrate it publicly!"

AT English: Writing Workshop and Publication

ID: 41046 Grade: 11-12 Length: Year
Credit: English
Prerequisite: Any English AP/AT course; or Semester I grade of B or higher in an 11th-grade English course; or Semester I grade of B+ or higher in English 10/ American Studies. Students with a Semester I grade of B in English 10/American Studies may seek an override which requires approval from current English teacher, counselor, and English department chair. Note: Students who have signed up will be required to submit a portfolio of creative writing pieces prior to the fall semester in order to remain in the course. See your English teacher for details. The Advanced Topic (AT) designation indicates a course is at university level, putting it at or above the level of a traditional Advanced Placement (AP) course.
Note: This course has a grade point weighting of 0.5.

Designed for students who already have a regular writing practice in any creative genre, and can demonstrate a passion for creative writing, this course is an inquiry into the world of writing and publication, culminating in publication of an anthology of works composed, edited, designed, and marketed by students. Students will learn creativity and collaboration skills as a backdrop to their focus on writing. Skills we develop include idea generation, giving and responding to peer feedback, intensive revision, and purposeful reflection. Students will have the choice to learn editing, design, marketing, or events planning on smaller teams. The course features workshops to improve drafting and editing skills, study and analysis of writing that focuses on process and audience, encounters with visiting local and international authors, and a writers’ retreat to encourage growth of relationships and community. The course demands rigorous independent work and responsibility to meet community expectations and deadlines.

What Our Students Say


AT Writing Workshop and Publication is a course for students who truly love creative writing and want to become better writers. The coursework forces you to abandon what you think you know as a writer and pushes you to try new styles, new structures and new genres. The biggest challenge is unlearning the idea that writing can only happen when inspiration strikes. Some of the best pieces I have written have come learning how to put pen to paper and be willing to see where it will take you. AT Writing is a class where you have to be truly comfortable with trying and failing, but in the ned, you will also be a much better writer for it.”Yasmin Subawalla,
Class of 2019

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What Our Alumni Say


Choose AT Writing Workshop and Publication if you want a hands-on, deep-dive exploration of the writing industry. My experience in copy-editing and proof-reading our class' short story collection helped me learn some of the fundamental tools of print publishing. As a Literature major at New York University Abu Dhabi, I find myself going back to what I learned in AT all the time when editing Airport Road, our undergraduate literary and arts publication.

Jamie Uy, Class of 2018