AT Linear Algebra

Students will get a foundation in Linear Algebra, which will be put into applications into computer graphics, the natural world and many other areas.

What are the major projects you will complete in this course?

Students investigate their own applications, report on them and then create their own extensions and usages of what they have learned.

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Tim Zitur

"You should take this course if you are excited about continuing on in higher level math after BC Calculus."

AT Linear Algebra

ID: 43044 Grade: 9-12 Length: Semester
Credit: Math
Prerequisite: AP Calculus BC
Note: The Advanced Topic (AT) designation indicates a course is at university level, putting it at or above the level of a traditional Advanced Placement (AP) course. This course has a grade point weighting of 0.5.

This course covers topics found in typical semester-long linear algebra courses at universities. The course will focus on systems of linear equations and their applications, linear independence and dependence, linear transformations and their matrix representations, matrix algebra, characterizations of invertible matrices, determinants, vector spaces and subspaces, null and column spaces, as well as Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors. During the second semester, students will complete projects tied to real world applications which may include: animation, computer graphics, animal carrying capacities, Google page rankings, and transformations.

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Through this course, I've learned some of the most interesting math concepts and have applied these concepts onto the most memorable projects in my life as a high schooler. It challenges you to stretch and combine your previous knowledge of calculus, algebra, and geometry. If you're considering continuing your journey in math after high school, taking Linear Algebra has definitely given me a smooth transition into my university math courses.

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