AT Finite Math Modeling

High school math does not all have to be along a path that ultimately leads to calculus. Many interesting topics can be addressed using math that you may not have thought of, such as elections, scheduling, networks, and cryptography, and the mathematics behind these are accessible by high school students!

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"You should take this course if you want a chance to explore math outside of the branches of just algebra, geometry, and calculus. "

AT Finite Math Modeling

ID: 43042 Grade: 9-12 Length: Semester II
Credit: Math
Prerequisite: Semester I grade of A or higher in Accelerated Math I or Algebra II/Trig; or a Semester I grade of B or higher in ISP; or a Semester I grade of C+ or higher in any higher level math course.
Note: The Advanced Topic (AT) designation indicates a course is at university level, putting it at or above the level of a traditional Advanced Placement (AP) course. This course has a grade point weighting of 0.5.

This elective course is designed for students who seek high level applications of math to real life situations. Mathematics will be used to explain and analyze elections, fair allocation of resources, and scheduling. Mathematical models will be used based on matrices, game theory, and graph theory. Project-based learning will be prevalent, involving real-world applications, such as perceived rewards, transportation networks, different systems of voting, and critical path schedules.

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AT Finite Math Modelling is an incredible course that opened the door to a new realm of mathematics where the only limits are my imagination. The fields and subjects I have been able to touch with mathematics has been mind-blowing, and it allowed me to see mathematics as an enabler of innovation rather than a set entity. It is quite like entering Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, except in this I get to be Willy Wonka and make magic with mathematics.”

Rosella Pang,
Class of 2019

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One of the most truly valuable skills you'll take with you to college and beyond is the ability to manipulate matrices, explore problems that aren't solvable by calculus, and to discover an entirely new branch of mathematics. You will be one of the few people around you that understands the multidimensionality of math. It's not just derivatives and integrals; it's a way of thinking. By the end of the course, you will have contributed meaningfully to your understanding of how math can model the world around us, and by extension, how the world around us is more mathematically intertwined than you ever could have imagined.

Faisal Halabeya, Class of 2018