AT Chinese Language: History

This inquiry and project-based course intends to provide students with the opportunity to develop and apply their Chinese language skills in studying selected eras of Chinese history, gaining a deeper understanding of the significance of those periods and how they relate to wider world history.

What are the major projects you will complete in this course?

Semester 1

Each student will research one aspect (of their own interest, for example, an artifact, ideology, or social custom) on how Chinese culture influences people’s lives in the countries that have had ongoing exchange relationships with China through history that continue today. They examine and explain both positive and negative impact.

Semester 2

Each student will design a logo or an object that represents both ancient China of a certain period and modern China and explain why they feel these represent China and the comparisons and contrasts in this logo or object.

Course Details

Hilda Huang

"You should take this course if you are interested in learning Chinese History and demonstrate Intermediate-High in all the skills of Chinese."

AT Chinese Language: History

ID: 45029 Grade: 11-12 Length: Year
Credit: Physical Science
Prerequisite: Demonstrated proficiency levels of Advanced-Low or higher in all four skills.
Note: The Advanced Topic (AT) designation indicates a course is at university level, putting it at or above the level of a traditional Advanced Placement (AP) course. This course has a grade point weighting of 0.5.

This inquiry and project-based course will provide students with the opportunity to gain deeper understanding of the significance of key historical periods in Chinese history, while developing their advanced Chinese language proficiency. The course is also designed for students to identify their interests in specific areas of Chinese history and culture and delve into the process of researching, analysing, and reevaluating existing perceptions or stereotypes, to draw their own evidence-based conclusions of the significance of some historical phenomena. Students will be expected to complete a comprehensive project related to their own areas of interest each semester. The course will include an extended essay and oral presentation based on their research to demonstrate the final learning outcomes.

What Our Students Say


AT Chinese is unlike any language class I have taken before. We don’t learn Chinese; instead, we use Chinese to learn, and that really forces you to apply your skills you’ve accumulated over many years of learning the language. In the increasingly globalized world we live in today, language allows you to fully immerse yourself in another culture, its traditions, its people, and its history, and that skill is invaluable. Though it is challenging at times, Huang Lao Shi does an amazing job at giving us individual attention through frequent one-on-one conferences and small group discussions, and ensures that each and every one of us is learning something new everyday.“why”.”
Akira Yoh
Class of 2020


AT Chinese is more social studies than language. This course explores Chinese history in Chinese, which is a very challenging way to learn, especially for non-native speakers. However, if you wanted to learn Chinese History more extensively, then this class is probably good for you.”
Yong Gi Roh,

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