AP Comparative Government and Politics

Current, timely, and engaging, this course will prepare you to navigate today's multipolar world and rapidly changing international relations. Using six case studies, we explore how questions of policy get decided in different societies, and make meaning of daily headlines.

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Students will engage in six case studies, exploring the politics and government of the United Kingdom, Russia, China, Iran, Nigeria, and Mexico.

Advanced Placement exam is available for this course.

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Erik Torjesen

"You should take this course if you desire to be an active citizen of the world. You will explore and examine politics around the world, and will debate and discuss current issues as they happen."

AP Comparative Government and Politics

ID: 42031 Grade: 11-12 Length: Semester II
Credit: Social Studies
Prerequisite: Semester I grade of B or higher in a tenth or eleventh grade social studies course; or current teacher recommendation.
Note: This course has a grade point weighting of 0.5.

This college level course is intended to help students better understand the diverse constitutional, ideological, and social bases of political leadership exercised by different countries. Six countries, China, Great Britain, Iran, Mexico, Nigeria, and Russia are examined. Basic concepts to be covered are: the sources of sovereignty, public authority and political power; national and international political institutions; the relationship between citizens, state, and society; the causes and effects of political and economic change; and various areas of public policy. Students will be prepared for and strongly encouraged to sit for the AP exam in May.

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AP Comparative Government gives one the opportunity to contextualize government institutions from different regions of the world. Apart from exploring the functions of government in each case study, you will gain a greater insight on how cultural differences, historical events, and public policy affects the daily workings of government. This course has been especially helpful for me as someone interested in pursuing a career in relation to international politics.