AP Calculus BC (Post-AB)

Where all four years of high school math come together! Conceptually rich, this course tells the story of Calculus with a distinct beginning with limits, middle with derivatives and finally ending with integrals. In each section all the topics previously learned (polynomials, trigonometry, logarithms, the works!) serve as main characters in this story. It is almost too much fun to handle all in one course.

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Advanced Placement exam is available for this course.

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Paul Terrile

"You should take this course if you wish to study mathematics, engineering, or science in college."

AP Calculus BC (Post-AB)

ID: 43033 Grade: 9-12 Length: Semester I
Credit: Math
Prerequisite: Semester I grade of B or higher in AP Calculus AB
Note: Designed for students who have compelted AP Calculus AB. This course has a grade point weighting of 0.5.

In this course, students first complete the AP Calculus BC syllabus, which covers several new integration techniques and a unit on Taylor Series. The course then covers topics typically found in a second year calculus course at U.S. universities, such as partial differentiation, multiple integration, and vector analysis. Students will be prepared for and strongly encouraged to sit for the AP exam in May.

What Our Students Say


AP Calculus BC allows students to spend more time studying the more complex concepts not included in AP Calculus AB. After learning the content for the AP Calculus BC exam, students shift into multivariable calculus. This course is great for anyone who wants to further strengthen their basic calculus while acquiring a solid foundation in the multivariable calculus they will learn in college. The test dates are quite spaced apart, which makes it easier to learn the more complex concepts since students don't feel pressured to learn the material as fast as possible.”
Jeremy Tan,
Class of 2019


AP Calculus BC is a challenging but engaging course. Although the class prepares for an AP exam, the material covered, especially in the later parts of the year, delves into the deeper elements of calculus than required. The best student for this course is one that works well individually, learns in structured lecture-style lessons, and is intrigued by examining the broader concepts of calculus. Students also need to be individually motivated to not only complete intensive coursework in order to understand the material but also be inspired to learn deeper about the topics the class introduces and teaches.”
David Huang,

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