AP Calculus AB

Where all four years of high school math come together! Conceptually rich, this course tells the story of Calculus with a distinct beginning with limits, middle with derivatives and finally ending with integrals. In each section all the topics previously learned (polynomials, trigonometry, logarithms, the works!) serve as main characters in this story. 

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Class assessments will lead up to the AP exam in May.

Advanced Placement exam is available for this course.

Advanced Placement (AP) exams are available for this course. For more information on Advanced Placement, click here

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"You should take this course if you love digging into conceptually rich mathematics and if you are interested in predicting the future."

AP Calculus AB

ID: 43026 Grade: 9-12 Length: Year
Credit: Math
Prerequisite: Semester 1 grade of B or higher in Pre-Calculus. Semester 1 grade of B or higher with teacher recommendation for Accelerated Math II. Semester 1 grade of A or higher in ISP and teacher recommendation.
Note: This course has a grade point weighting of 0.5.

AP Calculus AB covers topics typically found in a first-semester calculus course at US universities. The course covers limits, continuity, differentiation and integration, and their applications. Success in this course requires a solid Pre-Calculus background. Students will be prepared for and are strongly encouraged to sit the AP exam in May.

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What Our Alumni Say


What I remember about AP Calculus AB is that it felt like all my math knowledge up until that class had converged and compounded. I learned so much that at times it was overwhelming, but the class was structured to help us take baby steps in understanding why each concept we've learned before is relevant and useful. Taking Calc AB helped me build a strong base for the six math classes I took in college. I especially remember breezing through the Riemann sums unit in my first semester math class in college, thanks to the many weeks we spent going over confusing concepts in Mr. Ganske's class. I'm so glad I took AP Calc AB. It's one of my most memorable classes at SAS!

Ramita Kondepudi, Class of 2014


What I recall most about AP Calculus AB was the emphasis on the underlying concepts. It wasn't just about getting from A to B, but really understanding the meaning behind everything we did. 5 years later, my calculus is a bit rusty...but because I had a fundamental understanding of the topics we covered, I am able to understand the significance of the equations and findings I encounter in my studies. I am really grateful for the strong math foundation I received at SAS.

Kaelan Cuozzo, Class of 2014