AP 2D Art and Design

You will have the opportunity to create a portfolio of work that will focus on development of concept, research, and mark-making skills. The portfolio will focus on the personal voice and choice. AP Art students are part of and leaders among the strong visual arts community at SAS.

What are the major projects you will complete in this course?

You will be able to complete a portfolio for external assessment, exhibition and university supplement.

Advanced Placement exam is available for this course.

Advanced Placement (AP) exams are available for this course. For more information on Advanced Placement, click here

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Barbara Harvey

"You should take this course if you want to dive into mark-making either through a singular medium or multiple media. You should take this course if you wish to grow your portfolio, stretch and build your skill, and further your concept development."

AP 2D Art and Design

ID: 46112 Grade: 10-12 Length: Year
Credit: Visual/Performing Arts
Prerequisite: Studio Art; or acceptable portfolio, plus teacher recommendation
Note: This course has a grade point weighting of 0.5.

This portfolio is intended to address two-dimensional (2D) design issues. Design involves purposeful decision making about how to use the elements and principles of art in an integrated way. The principles of design articulated through the visual elements help guide artists in making decisions about how to organize the elements on a picture plane in order to communicate content. Strong design is possible whether one uses representational, abstract, or expressive approaches to make art. For this portfolio, students are asked to demonstrate mastery of 2D design through any two-dimensional medium or process, including but not limited to, graphic design, digital imaging, photography, collage, fabric design, weaving, illustration, painting and printmaking. Students will be prepared for and strongly encouraged to sit for the AP exam in May.

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