Advanced Studies at SAS: Why and How?

SAS is committed to providing exceptional learning opportunities for the diverse needs and interests of our students. Advanced Topic courses and Advanced Placement courses together form our advanced studies offerings.

Our Advanced Topic (AT) courses provide our high school students learning opportunities that are relevant, align to our desired student learning outcomes (DSLOs), and are recognized by colleges as a part of a rigorous and challenging course of study. We also value our Advanced Placement (AP) courses and the deep culture that SAS has regarding our AP curriculum. It is for this reason that we have implemented SAS AT courses alongside high quality AP courses; each advanced studies course has been vetted and approved by a team of administrators, counselors, teachers, and admissions representatives. We now proudly offer over 40 advanced studies courses.
The 2016–17 course catalog introduced five new AT courses, and in 2017–18, five more were introduced. This year, we are pleased to introduce two additional AT courses: AT Multivariable Calculus and Linear Algebra and AT Economics: Globalization. In 2019-20 we launched four courses; AT English Literature, AT Geography and Field Research, AT Psychology, and AT Historical Inquiry and Research. Over 20 AP courses remain available to students alongside 25 AP exams. In 2020-21, the AT Social Studies: Society, Governance, and Civic Action course will be added to the Quest program. With the SAS advanced studies course offerings, all high school students are ensured a rigorous and relevant course of study.
We are excited to offer these advanced studies courses and opportunities for our students. In addition to the information provided in this guide, we offer extensive responses to many of the most frequently asked questions about advanced studies.

Advanced Studies FAQs Advanced Studies White Paper

One of the largest University-level course offerings in the world.

How We Tell our Advanced Studies Story

The hundreds of college admissions officers we consulted before developing our first AT courses and since launching the program have been enthusiastic about our expanded offering. They strongly believe that our DSLOs are essential skills in college and beyond. They also agree that AT courses’ unique subject matter and college-level challenges can help students stand out in the application process.

To ensure that universities understand how our AT courses fit into our broader program of studies, SAS college counselors have taken additional steps to educate universities about them. We include information about our AT offerings in our high school profile and counselors speak about them with many university representatives visiting SAS (approximately 230 per year). College counselors may also include information regarding AT courses in students’ recommendation letters.

Syracuse University Partnership

SAS is piloting a co-crediting partnership with Syracuse University through their Project Advance program. The Syracuse University Project Advance (SUPA) program is a concurrent enrollment program linking Syracuse University with secondary schools.

This partnership enables SAS to offer qualified high school students (taking select Advanced Topic courses) the opportunity to concurrently enroll in Syracuse University courses for university credit.

*In some cases, students pursuing university credit through Syracuse University may be required to engage in self-study and complete additional assessments. In addition, please note that there is a fee per credit hour that participating students and families must pay. This fee is determined by Syracuse University.

Results that Matter


Advanced Placement (AP) courses and exams


of 3's, 4's, and 5's received in AP exams in 2018


Advanced Topics (AT) courses


of the Class of 2018 graduates were awarded cum laude commendations

Any Questions?

If you have any questions regarding our Advanced Studies program, please reach out to our Head of Advanced Studies, Mr Tim Trainor at and our Advanced Studies Team at and they will be happy to assist you.