Elementary School Educational Technology

At SAS, we constantly look through the lens of how technology can enhance learning and make it more personalized, collaborative, and relevant.

In each division, world-class educational technology coaches guide teachers, work with students, run digital citizen boot camps, host informational parent coffees, team up with our counselors, advise on digital media, and lead the way in creative approaches to teaching and learning that leverage and maximize the use of technology. Digital citizenship is woven into the curriculum at each grade and collaboratively taught by counselors, ed tech coaches, and teachers.

In elementary school, every student starting in kindergarten has an iPad outfitted with a suite of core apps that becomes a scaffold for learning. With significant guidance from teachers and ed tech coaches, kids set goals and monitor their progress, and use technology to express themselves, demonstrate their learning, and support the development of critical skills and core knowledge.

Students learned about coding

Two years ago, after one of our fourth grade students began exploring virtual reality games, I knew we had to connect with Manuel Clement, a virtual reality designer at Google. After meeting at a Google Apps for Education Summit, we coordinated a Google Hangout and got Mr. Clement together with Ms. Koehler-Smith's class. The students were able to learn everything about coding, virtual reality, and working at Google.

Tara Linney, Educational Technology Coach