Elementary School Library and Media Center

The elementary school library and media center is a dynamic environment, and we like to think of it as the heart of the school. The main goal of the library is to promote the love of reading and learning by providing students with opportunities to explore reading interests.

The library works collaboratively with teachers and other specialists to support the curriculum and to encourage a lifelong love of reading. The collection offers a diverse range of quality and engaging print and electronic items. Regular and flexible classes ensure that literature appreciation, information literacy, and curriculum objectives are met for all students. Special events, such as the PTA-sponsored authors/illustrators-in-residence program, as well as division-wide literacy events, encourage our learners to celebrate and enjoy all things book-related. This collaborative team approach makes the library an integral part of school learning.

This facility contains nearly 90,000 print materials, including Mandarin and Spanish language materials. We also have extensive digital materials available. There are various areas suitable for conducting research utilizing ethical and appropriate technology tools.

All SAS students, teachers, and parents are welcome to use the elementary library to find information and to check out books. Each class in the elementary school (kindergarten through fifth grade) comes to the library regularly for informational literacy lessons and to check out books.

Visiting Authors Highlights

Faculty and Staff Authors

Manny the Monarch (2008)
David Hoss++

For Pete's Sake (2008)
David Hoss++

The More Known World (2017)
Tiffany Tsao

Tiffany Tsao from class of 2000. She was in high school from 1998 to 2000


The Oddfits (2016)
Tiffany Tsao

Tiffany Tsao from class of 2000. She was in high school from 1998 to 2000


Monkeyshines (2001)
Barry Clay and Jon Sewell

Monkey shines written by Barry Clay; illustrated by Jon Sewell
Both Jon Sewell and Barry Clay are former teachers of Singapore American School

50 Ways to Use YouTube in The Classroom (2018)
Patrick Green++

Nadie en Menos de Cuarenta:

Conversaciones entre Sebastián Lohengrin y Niet Nom (Spanish Edition)

Jose Luis Mejia++

Other books by Jose Luis Mejia:
Cartas a Maria Elena, 2006
Cuidate, Claudia, cuando estes conmigo, 2007
Hay alguien alli?, 2010
Imperial, 2008
Tal vez una primavera, 2002
Un tal Pedro, 2010


Reading Amplified (Electronic Resource) (2012)
Lee Ann Spillane++

The Saints of God's Country (2005)
Edward Craner

Author is an SAS alumni
The Bamboo Chest: An Adventure in Healing the Trauma War (2000)
Frederick "Cork" Graham

Author is an SAS alumni from 1972 to 1977
How to Forge a Frogman: A Recruit's Account of Basic Training in Singapore's Naval Diving Unit (2017)
Max West

A Parent's Guide to Raising Kids Overseas (2017)
Jeffrey A. Devens++

Transforming Libraries: A Toolkit For Innovators, Makers, and Seekers (2017)
Ron Starker++

Classroom Management in the Digital Age (2016)
Heather Dowd
Patrick Green++

The Global Expatriate's Guide to Investing: From Millionaire Teacher to Millionaire Expat (2015)
Andrew Hallam

SG A to Z: Singapore Through the Alphabet (2015)
Rebecca Green++

When The Akimotos Went to War: An Untold Story of Family, Patriotism, and Sacrifice During World War II (2015)
Matthew Elms++

Cuidate, Claudia, cuando estes conmigo

Morir acaba en tu vientre: (coplas haikus) (2011)
Jose Luis Mejia++

Other books by Jose Luis Mejia:
Cartas a Maria Elena, 2006
Cuidate, Claudia, cuando estes conmigo, 2007
Hay alguien alli?, 2010
Imperial, 2008
Tal vez una primavera, 2002
Un tal Pedro, 2010

Millionaire Teacher

Millionaire Teacher: The Nine Rules of Wealth You Should Have Learned in School (2011)
Andrew Hallam++



Schelling's Game Theory

Schelling’s Game Theory: How to Make Decisions (2012)
Robert Dodge

Other books by Robert Dodge:
The Strategist : The Life and Times of Thomas Schelling: How a Game Theorist Understood the Cold War and Won the Nobel Prize in Economics, 2006
Prairie Murders: The True Story of Three Murders and the Loss of Innocence in a Small North Dakota Town, 2009

For Pete's Sake

For Pete's Sake (2008)
David Hoss++

Other books by David Hoss:
Manny the Monarch, 2008

Singapore's Eagles

Singapore's Eagles: Singapore American School 1956-2006 (2006)
Jim Baker

Other books by Jim Baker:
Crossroads: A Popular History of Malaysia and Singapore, 2010
The Eagle in the Lion City: America, Americans and Singapore, 2005
Singapore (series: Countries of the World), 2002

Aztec Plays for the Classroom

Aztec Plays for the Classroom (2003)
Eric Burnett++

Other books by Eric Burnett:
Gymnastics Jenny stands on Her Own, 2003
Middle Ages for the Classroom: Plays, Fairy Tales and Resources for the Classroom Teacher, 2002
Skateboarder Steve Stops Falling Down, 2002
Trapped in Tenochtitlan: An Aztec Adventure, 2002
Aztec Plays for the Classroom, 2003

Raising Children at Promise

Raising Children At Promise: How the Surprising Gifts of Adversity and Relationship Build Character in Kids (2005)
Dr. Timothy S. Stuart++ and Mona Stuart++

Karoo Boy

Karoo Boy (2005)
Troy Blacklaws

Other books by Troy Blacklaws:
Blood Orange, 2002
Bafana Bafana: A Story of Soccer, Magic and Mandela, 2010

Under the Banyan Tree

Under the Banyan Tree (2001)
Ellen Ettensperger aka Ellen White

Big Apple

Da Ping Guo 1,2,3 = Big Apple (2004)
Xiong Hual++

Other books by Xiong Huali:
Let's Sing Mandarin 1,2,3, 2004
The Long Haired Cat, 2003

Learning from Lincoln

Learning from Lincoln: Leadership Practices for School Success (2010)
Dr. Harvey Alvy and Pam Robbins

Other books co-authored by Harvey Alvy:
The Principal's Companion: Strategies and Hints For Making the Job Easier, 2010
New Principal's Field Book: Strategies For Success, 2004
If I Only Knew...: Success Strategies for Navigating The Principalship, 1998

Painted Journey

Painted Journey (2005)
Gregory Burns


Exiting Nrivana

Exiting Nirvana: A Daughter's Life With Autism (2001)
Clara Claiborne Park

Other books by Clara Claiborne Park:
Rejoining the Common Reader: Essays, 1962-1990, 1991
The Siege: A Family's Journey into the World Of an Autistic Child, 1982
You Are Not Alone: Understanding and Dealing With Mental Illness: A Guide For Patients, Families, Doctors, and Other Professionals, 1976

The Prairie Adventures

Monkeyshines (2001)
Barry Clay; illustrated by Jon Sewell

Other books by Barry Clay:
A Christmas Tale: the Perfect Gift, 1996
The Prairie Adventures of Turk and the Gobblers, 1995

Gecko Song

Gecko Song (1998)
Sandra Clay, illustrated by Sunanda Verma Widel

Step-By-Step New Macramé

Step-By-Step New Macramé (1979)
Jane Dodge

Thai Lite

Thai Lite :The Selected Scribblings of S. Tsow (2000)
S Tsow aka William Page and Bill Page

Other books by William Page:
The Nirvana Experiments and Other Tales Of Asia, 1995
Thai Lite 2: the Refill, 2011

Encouraged to excel


Singapore American School has exceeded my expectations. Our children have been challenged and encouraged to excel. I have been amazed at their achievements both academically and personally.

While SAS is well known for academic excellence, they also ensure that students develop roundly in terms of character, collaboration, and communication.

Sarah Lifferth, SAS PARENT