The Chinese Immersion Experience

Singapore American School is dedicated to fostering effective communication across diverse languages and cultures—a key aspect of our educational philosophy. Tailored to the unique needs of multilingual learners in elementary school, our Chinese Immersion program integrates Chinese language and culture into the curriculum.

Aligned with the Common Core State Standards for Math and English Language Arts, our curriculum mirrors English medium classes, reflecting our commitment to instructional practices that align with SAS's core values and philosophy. The following pillars guide our Chinese Immersion program at SAS:

Chinese immersion at SAS focuses on systematically developing language skills in both Chinese and English while appreciating and integrating any additional languages that students bring with them. 

We take pride in cultivating cultural awareness and empowering students to embrace their unique identities as individuals and global citizens. 

Our main goal is to help students use Chinese confidently in real-life situations beyond the classroom. 

Our program focuses on developing bilingual and biliteracy skills to engage meaningfully with diverse cultures, fostering cultural competence. 


SAS Offers Chinese immersion classes from preschool through fifth grade, with two classes per grade.


The Chinese Immersion program is a popular choice among families and placement depends on availability. Enrolling in the program is contingent on meeting the language requirements specified below.

Registration Requirements


The program highlights bilingualism and biliteracy, with most instruction in Chinese from the early learning center (preschool and pre-kindergarten) through fifth grade. The infographic below highlights the use of the language of instruction as the students progress in each grade.


We also offer pathways in middle and high school to support ongoing language development for our Chinese immersion students.

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How to apply

For new SAS applicants, you will indicate your official interest in immersion in the admissions application process. Applications for new families will be considered based on priority lane, date of application, and completeness of application, and are subject to thorough review for general admission to SAS.

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