Support Services

Philosophy Statement

The goal of the Singapore American School support services program is to provide individual students who have unique learning differences with the language and social-emotional support they require to succeed at SAS to the best of their ability. SAS recognizes the importance of involving students, parents/guardians, classroom teachers, specialist and administrators in a collaborative process.

Singapore American School provides a continuum of services for a wide range of students. The continuum of services offered varies from early childhood through high school. We believe the ideal approach to helping with learning differences is through early intervention.

ELC Support Services

The SAS early learning center provides speech/language services, classroom guidance sessions, counselor and/or psychological support to students, parents, and professional staff. It should be noted, however, that as a private overseas school, SAS does not offer full special education programming as prescribed by law for public schools in the United States. When a student is seen by their parents or teachers as potentially being in need of support services a referral may be made directly to the ELC coordinator, the speech-language specialist, or the grade level counselor.

Speech and Language Services

A speech-language specialist is part of the ELC team to help identify and provide services to children who may have communication difficulties which could interfere with their learning or development of their social skills. Aspects of the child’s communication that would be considered include their ability to understand others (receptive language), express themselves with words and/or gestures (expressive language) and use language as a social tool (pragmatics). Also considered would be their articulation of speech sounds, rate of speech, vocal quality and fluency.

The parents and teachers may request an assessment by contacting the ELC speech-language specialist.

Annual speech-language and hearing screenings are provided for all preschool, pre-kindergarten, and kindergarten students.


There are six full-time school counselors in the elementary division. They serve as support personnel to students, parents, and professional staff. Counselors coordinate referrals and act as case managers for students who may need special services support. In the ELC, the counselors provide guidance lessons to all classes which focus on the core values.

School Psychologist

A full-time psychologist is a part of the preschool through fifth grade support services team. As needed, the psychologist will provide academic/behavioral screenings, individualized psycho-educational assessments and consultation to staff and parents to assist with an ELC student’s growth and development.

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Preschool and pre-kindergarten students, whose primary language is other than English, are introduced to English by full immersion into the regular classroom. As the early learning center programs are based on thematic units and a multi-sensory approach to learning, ESOL students generally acquire English quickly by “seeing and doing” alongside their peers.

A Global Educational Experience


We looked for a school that would provide a global educational experience, while still having some of the familiar comforts of home. A sense of community and a strong parent association were extremely important to us. We did lots of research and toured many of the international schools. SAS felt like the perfect fit from the first visit.

Georgina Bach, SAS PARENT