A Tailored Education

Deep and personalized learning is at the heart of a Singapore American School education. Our students learn to think critically, collaborate with peers from diverse cultural backgrounds, and use creativity to solve unique challenges as they discover their passion and purpose in school.

A Well-Rounded Student Life

Here at Singapore American School, resources and opportunities are never scarce—our school counselors contribute daily to the academic success of our students by providing a foundation for their social and emotional needs; and our personalized learning opportunities allow students to engage in service through academics and dozens of service clubs.

Top of the Class



of SAS students’ 1,724 AP exams received 3s, 4s, and 5s in 2021


percentile or higher in all MAP testing subjects worldwide


college-level courses offered in high school


mean score for students who took an AP exam in 2021

Extended Learning in the Summer

The School of the future is Now

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A solid foundation for the future


The emphasis at SAS is both on academic and extracurricular activities, at a pace that is tailored for the students, within a culture that promotes possibilities. The open communication with the teachers, easy access to the support of the counselors backed by the vision of the administration and programs offered, has allowed our boys to flourish in an environment that fosters making choices to match their interests. All this provides a solid foundation for the future and we are very proud to see how both our boys are developing into well rounded caring individuals.

Ritu Kapoor, SAS PARENT