Who Are Our Teachers?

Since its establishment 65 years ago, Singapore American School’s greatest asset has always been its teachers. Let’s take a look at this group of experienced and enthusiastic educators, whose efforts impact our students so profoundly

Teacher Numbers and Nationalities

Like our students, our 400 teachers are a diverse group, holding 23 different passports. Over two-thirds come from North America, with other significant groups coming from Australia, China, Singapore, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Spain. Smaller numbers come from Taiwan, India, South Africa, the Philippines, France, Venezuela, Peru, Pakistan, Malaysia, Japan, Ireland, Hong Kong, Germany, Brazil, and Belarus.

Teacher Experience and Tenure

Our teachers join us at different points in their careers, but most have already gained significant professional experience. In August 2021, our 52 newly hired teachers had on average 11 years of experience teaching elsewhere, and over 83% of them had taught for six or more years before joining us. Once at SAS, our teachers average longer tenures than is usual in international schools, where staff tend to be highly mobile. Eighty percent of our teachers have been here longer than two years, and nearly 40% have been here ten years or longer. These are impressive statistics that illustrate the stability and dedication of our faculty.

Teacher Qualifications

The large majority of our teachers have academic qualifications beyond a bachelor’s degree, with 81% holding at least one master’s degree, including 17 with doctorates. SAS invests in the professional development of our educators, and we are proud of our many teachers who have earned higher degrees and qualifications while teaching here.

Further Facts About Our Teachers

Our teachers have an average age of 45 years, which has remained quite consistent over the last decade. Our teaching staff this year is 66% female and 34% male, which we may compare with 76% female and 24% male for K–12 teachers in the US, according to the most recent available US Education Department data. In hiring, SAS strives to assemble a diverse group of excellent teachers, viewing qualifications, experience, and compatibility with the school’s ethos as the most important qualities in applicants. SAS is committed to attracting the best candidates; we received an average of 65 applications for each of this year’s teaching vacancies.

Student-Teacher Ratio, Class Sizes, and Extracurriculars

Our 2021–22 student-teacher ratio stands at 10:1, ensuring that all SAS students receive ample personal attention. This ratio factors in all classroom, specials, and support teachers, as well as counselors, librarians, and technology coaches. It does not include instructional assistants, who, especially for our younger students, provide significant extra adult interaction. Class size is another useful indicator of the personal attention each student can expect. With rare exceptions, class size at SAS is limited to 16 students in our early learning center and 22 students in kindergarten through twelfth grade. Beyond the classroom, each SAS teacher sponsors or leads at least one co-curricular activity at school. Through coaching sports, supervising activities, or supporting clubs, our teachers create bonds with students while helping them explore their interests and develop their skills.

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