The SAS Legacy

Since our founding in 1956, before Singapore was even independent, Singapore American School has been on the leading edge of preparing students for their future.

When we opened our doors with just 105 students, our first classes were held in large colonial-style bungalows. A garage was the science lab; the servants’ quarters were used for music and preschool; and assemblies were held in the dining room. As Singapore grew, so did the school. In the years that we grew through four campuses, the school has always focused on creating a vibrant learning environment that is student-centered, international in perspective, engaging, active, and critical.

Over time, our defining characteristics have included the range of courses offered, the quality of leadership and faculty, the clubs and activities available, the quality of the campus, and its general atmosphere. SAS has come a long way in 65 years, just as the country in which it resides. SAS and Singapore have shared a similar journey—one of progress, modernization, achievement, and change.

Singapore American School holds a legacy as one of the world’s leading American international schools. Our decades of strong academic results matter to our families who value learning, and to our students who will make their own history as SAS alumni.

Our Eagle Community

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A Neverending Bond


While many of us have moved on and have lives around the world, we continue to share a unique and special bond as alumni of SAS and former third culture kids.

Although things change, the student experience at SAS and the time enjoyed living abroad provide ties that remain for a lifetime.

Greg Rutledge (Class of 1978)