Further to the update I shared with you a few weeks ago on our campus upgrade project, we are excited to note that the construction work on our new West Fields athletic spaces has now begun. We also want to share briefly some of the work we are doing to ensure our new campus meets the highest standards of sustainability and environmental protection.  

We have been working closely this fall with our student-parent-teacher design advisory groups in the elementary and high schools, and I am excited about our progress. Click here for a few slides with visualizations on some aspects of those designs. 

The West Fields, as can be seen in the diagram below, are to be built on vacant land west of the school. They will include one baseball field, one full-size soccer/football field, and four tennis/multi-purpose courts. The new playing spaces will aim to blend in with their natural environment as much as possible.

The timeline for this project is six months. Our hope is to have the fields completed by April 2021, with construction on the new elementary school planned to begin later in the spring. 

We have been meeting with local community leaders to discuss how we might share the field spaces with local youth sports groups during non-school times and exploring whether we can work together to build a community garden. Neighborhood leaders and we are excited about these opportunities to work together.  

During construction of the fields, we will focus on minimizing disruption to school and our neighbors as much as possible by restricting related traffic to off-peak hours, noise and dirt mitigation, and careful security of the site. 

Also, with regard to environmental sustainability, our design advisory groups met this week to dive into the ways we can maximize the environmental sensitivity and energy conservation aspects of the project. Click here for details on future design advisory group meetings and click here to view the notes from the previous sessions.

Sustainability is a core design principle for us. In the coming weeks and months, we will share more about how the new buildings will positively utilize water and energy and will become great opportunities for student learning.

I want to thank all of you who have been providing your input and advice to our planning. Your thoughtfulness and contributions continue to move this project forward in positive ways. We will continue to update you as we make progress and finalize designs.