Dear Parents,

Welcome back! We are excited to welcome your children back to begin our second semester and to welcome 86 new students to our Eagle community. We are thrilled to have you join us. 

We are looking forward to the additional flexibility and opportunities we will now be able to offer our students as Singapore enters phase three of its reopening. Equally important, we will continue to take necessary measures to ensure the health and safety of our school community going forward.

As required by Singapore Government policy, we will continue to take student temperatures, wear masks, wipe down all surfaces after use, maintain safe distancing, encourage frequent and thorough handwashing, and ensure student awareness of all other safe management measures in effect. I am grateful for the way our community has pulled together to implement these health and safety measures. While we are very fortunate to be where we are today in terms of public health here in Singapore, we know that COVID continues to pose serious global health challenges.

During our winter break, Singapore announced its transition into phase three, and earlier this week, the Ministry of Education shared several updates that impact all schools across Singapore. These announcements give me hope that we will be able to continue to phase in greater freedoms and opportunities for our students throughout this semester.

With regard to the use of TraceTogether tokens, we encourage families to collect tokens as they become available at local community centers, which can be checked through the government’s website. Until tokens are available to all families, their use will not be required in schools. 

We are looking to phase in the following changes based on these new rules:

Elementary School

Group sizes in classrooms and recess can increase from five to eight students. Teachers will apply this increase where it makes most sense for learning in the classroom while giving students the chance to socialize with more students at recess. We are currently planning the new recess structure and will have additional information in eNews next week.

Middle School

Classroom, recess, and lunch group sizes have increased from five to eight students. Middle school students will now have the ability to choose whom they want to sit with in the cafeteria from anyone in their grade level, provided that the group size does not exceed eight students and safe distancing is maintained. Teachers will apply this increase in classrooms where it makes most sense for learning.

High School

We are excited about the opportunities that phase three and TraceTogether will offer our high school students to have greater flexibility during lunch and study hall. Our leadership team is currently looking at what is possible and we will share more information in eNews next week. 

Finally, we are excited that the government announced this week that “Curricular, co-curricular and enrichment activities with fixed intermingling across schools are allowed.” This means that students will be able to participate in activities and competitions with students from other schools in Singapore, as long as they continue to follow the current guidelines for the specific activities, including group size limitations. Our activities and athletics leaders are working on what this might look like and will provide additional information once it is available.

I am hopeful that we will continue to see more opportunities arise as the semester progresses. As we learn more about TraceTogether, we will keep you informed on what it means for our community.

In the meantime, we have plenty to look forward to this semester including, a virtual auction hosted by our PTA, a terrific set of opportunities for Interim Semester here in Singapore, virtual IASAS events, TEDx, the start of elementary activities and athletics, and more. 

Thank you for your continued support!



Tom Boasberg