Dear Parents,

Welcome back! I hope you had a wonderful winter break filled with family, friends, and time for rest. I have been at the top of the high school steps in the morning this week and it is great to see the energy and excitement of our students as they start their day.

I would also like to welcome the 105 new students who have joined us this semester. Transitioning to a new school in the middle of the year can be challenging, and I appreciate all the efforts of community members to make our new students and families feel welcome from day one at SAS. Our PTA worked hard during the break to connect new families with current families to help offer insight into Singapore and SAS. Our Peer Council and Peer Support student groups ensure new students can find their way around campus and feel welcome during the first week. 

If you are on campus in the next few weeks I encourage you to keep an eye out for parents or students who might seem a little lost or need a little help. We have all been the new kid on campus before and know how great it feels to have someone offer help, a warm smile, and a few tips for success.

We have many opportunities to come together this semester as a community. We are hosting IASAS rugby at the end of the month which is a great opportunity to enjoy our Booster Booth BBQs and some high quality rugby matches. Our biggest event of the year, the PTA International Fair will be at the end of February and is filled with food booths, performances, games, and more. In the coming weeks you will see more about that in eNews and I encourage you to volunteer for one of the activities and get involved. 

I look forward to seeing you at these community events and many more throughout this coming semester.



Tom Boasberg