Dear Parents,

In a meeting today with elementary school parents, a kindergarten parent mentioned to me that his child’s favorite part of the school year so far was her chance to meet with one of our visiting authors. I agree!  

In her case, she read and fell in love with his books without knowing that author Todd Parr would soon be visiting her classroom. When she had the chance to meet with him personally, she was inspired to read more and to become an author herself. That is exactly what we aim for with our visiting authors and artists -- to establish personal connections, to inspire our students, and to give them examples of what they themselves might become.  

In 2019-20, we have already welcomed over a dozen internationally recognized authors, visual artists, musicians, playwrights, and other professionals to work side by side with students throughout the year. Our visitors-in-residence program allows students to deeply understand the craft and work of professional artists and develop a lifelong appreciation for the arts.    

Our high school drama students, for example, have gotten to work directly with two playwrights as they put on their original plays, becoming the first high school students worldwide to stage David Glass’ acclaimed piece, Requiem for Change. Elementary students worked with Todd Parr and Colin Goh on writing and designing their own books. And, film students connected with award winning documentarian and SAS alum, Mike Rogers. Click here for a list of some of the visiting professionals our students have worked with this year.

These opportunities are made possible by generous donors like you. The PTA and the SAS Foundation contributed S$189,893 in 2019-20 to bring these guests to campus. These are once in a lifetime opportunities for our students and we are very grateful for your continued support of these programs. Thank you!



Tom Boasberg