Dear Parents,

I hope you are all well! 

This week our PTA awed our educators through the delicious food and good cheer of staff appreciation day. I heard time and again from our educators what a dose of joy and good cheer staff appreciation day brought! Faculty and staff had the chance to pick from delicious lunches, including halal meals before Ramadan started, and chat with the hard-working parent volunteers who brought spirit and energy to the lunchrooms.

Catering and hosting staff appreciation day is just one way our PTA and Boosters contribute to our school, and I am very grateful for all they do. They inspire school spirit through activities like school barbecues, Friday Night Lights, and the International Fair. They welcome new families and help them in their transitions. They help coordinate dialogue between our school leaders and parents through regular coffees. They celebrate our students through events like the scholars’ luncheon. And, they bring a jolt of energy and good cheer to our bleary-eyed seniors on senior spirit days.   

Beyond that, our PTA and Boosters serve as vital thought partners to our school leaders as we consider opportunities and challenges the school faces. I have greatly appreciated the input, ideas, and questions raised by our PTA and Booster Club board members during these regular meetings. They have helped us understand parent sentiment on key issues and brought a valuable parent perspective to our discussions.  

Many, many parents participate in these activities, and I appreciate the work each of them does. I especially want to recognize and thank several PTA and Booster leaders who are stepping down from leadership roles this year. Our current PTA President, Britt Garrison, has served in the PTA in a variety of roles and as president during this last year. Similarly, Cathy Cho has served in the Boosters in a variety of capacities and as president over the last two years. In addition, I want to thank all of our PTA and Booster Club board members who give so freely of their time and energy. We are excited to welcome Aisha Oravec as the new PTA President and welcome Gina Elzoheiry as the Booster Club President.  

I would encourage our parents to become active in the PTA and Boosters, as your contributions make a real difference! 

Finally, if you are looking for great SAS gear to grab or as a gift for a graduating senior, check out the “merch” at the PTA and Booster Club shops linked below.


Tom Boasberg