At SAS, we have very high aspirations for your children and the quality of education that we aspire to provide them with.   

We want them to develop strong character and core values. We want them to grow as healthy, confident, caring young people. We want them to blossom academically and in all their pursuits.  

While the jobs of the future might be unknown, the skills required to succeed are shared across all industries. We call them our learning aspirations: critical thinking, content knowledge, cultural competence, communication, creativity, character, and collaboration. Helping our students develop these learning attributes will prepare them for any future that awaits them at graduation and beyond.

Those aspirations are given life in our SAS2027 Strategic Plan, a roadmap whose ultimate north star is that all our students develop a true sense of joy and purpose in their learning. 

I want to share briefly the key priorities under the SAS2027 Strategic Plan that we are focusing on this year to help make those aspirations real for our children. Click below to see a short video highlighting each of the four priorities.

We will…. Which means...
Deepen our focus on social-emotional learning and support (click here for a short video) Students will be supported in growing socially and emotionally during these very challenging times 
Promote high quality teaching in every classroom (click here for a short video) Teachers will use instructional practices to meet students where they are and help them learn and grow
Deepen the focus on our learning aspirations (click here for a short video)
(critical thinking, content knowledge, cultural competence, communication, creativity, character, and collaboration)
Students will see the learning aspirations become part of their daily lessons across all subjects
Promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in our classrooms (click here for a short video) Students will see a greater connection between their diverse backgrounds and what they learn and will feel included and cared for at all times 

Additionally, we will continue work on our SAS Reimagined campus upgrade project. We will host design advisory groups for you to join in as we look ahead, and we will continue to regularly update you on the status of the current projects we are working on in eNews, parent coffees, social media, and our SAS Reimagined website.

We look forward to working together this year as we move toward this shared goal. Keep an eye on eNews for opportunities to participate in our new round of Conversations with the Superintendent. Thank you for your continued support and I look forward to talking with you soon. 


Tom Boasberg