Dear Parents,

We are excited to share our Summer Semester Challenge 2021! The SAS Summer Semester Challenge will be available for five weeks from June 7 to July 9. 

Summer Semester registration is currently open. The registration link will be found on our Summer Semester website. Click here for detailed instructions on the registration process. The first round of registration is open until Monday, May 10. Note that all applications will be treated equally regardless of when made during this first round of registration—it is not first-come, first-served. 

The SAS Summer Semester Challenge brings students together to work toward collective goals in the areas of physical activity, thinking, creativity, communication, and real-world challenges. They are designed to be fun and enjoyable learning experiences. Courses will generally be offered in one-week units and framed as a challenge to complete by the end of the week. The courses will engage and challenge our students in our deeper learning aspirations (creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, cultural competence, content knowledge, character, and communication). There are courses that can help you review old skills or learn new ones. In high school, Algebra I and Geometry are offered for credits. There also are other courses that will give students a head start on their learning for the coming year. 

We have over 100 courses to choose from this summer! 

Registration Process and Timeline

We are pleased to offer a wide range of creative and challenging courses, and we want to be sure that every student gets their top choice. In order to do this, there will be three registration windows:


It is important to note that you must register during phase one or you will not be able to register until phase three, since phase two is designed for families who did not get the course they wanted during the phase one registration period.  

  • Phase one is May 4 to May 10.
  • Phase two is May 12 to May 17
  • Phase three begins on May 20 and is first-come, first-served. 


The cost of Summer Semester is $720 per week, compared to $800 per week last summer. Please click here for additional information about the cost, terms, and conditions.


Yeap Transportation will provide busing for a cost depending on your location. Bus rates and sign-up are available on the Summer Semester website.

Program and Sample Schedule

Each week, students can select from a wide range of challenges at their grade level. All courses run from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. daily. Students will meet with their team for three one-hour sessions to work collaboratively towards a collective goal. There will also be a 60-minute daily active block each day, which will include physical challenges and activities, as well morning meeting, break times and lunch.


To meet the government’s health and safety guidelines, class sizes will be small, ranging in size from six to 20 participants. We will observe all social distancing guidelines, including the current maximum small group size of five.  Groups will stay together throughout the day to reduce the number of interactions. Mr. Hoe's Catering will provide lunch each day, which will be served in accordance with safe-distancing guidelines.

Additionally, please note all Summer Semester courses will be held in the elementary school due to the construction that will take place in other parts of the campus over the summer.

We are excited about the opportunity for our students to come together, connect, and participate in these exciting challenges.

If you have any questions, please reach out to



Tom Boasberg