Dear Parents,

I am excited to share with you that our school board approved our new strategic plan— SAS2027—to guide our work over the next six years. The plan is based on 18 months of community engagement with students, teachers, parents, and alumni. It builds on the progress we have made as a school and outlines a compelling vision for our future. As the stewards of the long-term future of our school, the board plays a vital role in establishing our strategic direction, and I very much appreciate the board’s leadership here. 

The Planning Process

The plan is based on the thousands of students, parents, teachers and alumni who have shared with us their hopes and concerns since I began as SAS Superintendent. I am deeply grateful for your voices. They helped us build on our areas of strength and address areas where we need to grow. The chart below outlines the extent of that engagement, which included every faculty member as part of our once-every-six-year accreditation process with WASC. Click here to see a video of that process

The Plan

Using the input gathered above, a joint board and school leader task force developed our new strategic plan. The plan lays out our vision and strategic priorities over the next six years. 

Who we are, what we do, how we do it, and how we measure success can all be found in this strategic framework, which is captured in the graphic below. We start with our shared core values that make up our "Eagle Way." These core values are the foundation of all that we build. Building on those core values, we outline our three areas of strategic focus: excellence, extraordinary care, and possibilities. Through these areas of strategic focus, we aim to develop in all of our students our seven learning aspirations. 

These learning aspirations represent the key skills and attributes our students need to succeed in their colleges and careers—to become, as our school vision lays out, exceptional thinkers prepared for the future. At the top is our commitment to help every student find joy and purpose in their learning. That sense of joy and purpose in learning is critical for our students to become the kind of lifelong learners they will need to be to face the rapidly evolving world they will graduate into. 

Our Priorities

In each of our three areas of strategic focus, we have established key priorities. We outline these below. Please click through to our Strategic Plan landing page for more detail on each. 


  • Deepen our students’ focus on our learning aspirations in every classroom and co-curricular program through aligned, consistent curriculum and assessment practices

  • Promote consistency of high quality teaching in every classroom to support the learning needs of each student, including those who need additional support and those who are ready for extension or acceleration

  • Increase coaching and feedback for teachers on their professional practice, including through the development of  teacher leadership and coaching opportunities within PLCs  

Extraordinary Care

  • Deepen our focus on social-emotional learning and wellness among all our students

  • Promote diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout our community and ensure that every student feels valued and included 

  • Strengthen our school culture and school community based on our shared core values


  • Upgrade our campus to be more environmentally sustainable and improve learning environments, co-curricular opportunities, and community spaces

  • Enrich our students’ international and cross-cultural perspectives by expanding opportunities to learn from the cultural and historical richness of Singapore and the region of Southeast Asia

  • Continue to explore and design innovative programs to meet student needs and interests as well as the SAS strategic direction

Measuring Success

With this new strategic framework, we will build on the key improvements of the last strategic plan. Please click here for the key measures we will be looking at to determine the success of this plan. 

What’s next?

This letter is the first of many touch points ahead regarding our strategic plan. We have a series of engagement sessions planned for you to join us to learn more about the plan, discuss our partnership in this work, and ask any questions you may have. 

We encourage you to register for one of the sessions noted below. To register, please click here.

For now, we invite you to visit our strategic plan website where you will find more details about the plan.

I want to end by thanking current and former Board chairs Samba Natarajan and Ehab Abou-Oaf along with our Deputy Superintendent, Dr. Jennifer Sparrow, for all of their work and leadership in shaping this plan and including so many voices in its development.  

We are excited to get started!


Tom Boasberg