Dear Parents,

Like many of our families, our educators are struggling with the hurt and disappointment of the government’s announcement of the suspension of entry and re-entry permits for work pass holders and their families. I encourage you during this time to reach out and support each other and your children’s educators. We are doing all we can to support them, including looking at what activities and supports we can offer for educators here in Singapore this summer. 

Some of you have reached out with questions specifically about the start of the 2021-22 school year. I will outline our current thinking based on current information but note that we will continue to stay flexible to changes in government guidance as we have done throughout the entire pandemic.

Our plan for the start of the school year remains the same—we plan to start school on Tuesday, August 10 on campus. Outlined below is the detailed plan for the first week of school:

*Click here for the 2021-22 academic calendar

At this point, we are not planning to offer synchronous online learning to students who may not be here for the first day of school. In most years (even years with no pandemic), we have a number of students who are unable to be on campus for the start of school. In those circumstances, the classroom teachers and counselors work with the families on an individual basis to ensure the student receives the support they need. We will continue to offer this support to all families with children who may not be able to be on campus for the start of school. In these cases, we ask that you reach out directly to your child’s teacher and counselor as we get closer to the start of school to make the appropriate arrangements.

With the suspension of entry and re-entry permits, not only are current teachers who are not Singapore citizens or permanent residents unable to travel this summer, but our new teachers are currently not able to gain permission to enter Singapore. We will continue to work with the government to seek to make this possible. On the more hopeful side, I think back to this time last year when we were wondering if we would be able to obtain entry approval for all our new teachers—or whether we would even have the chance to be in school in August. We were able to do all these things last summer, and I remain cautiously hopeful that we will be able to do so this summer as well.   

I do want to reiterate our continued commitment to do all we can to allow and help our educators and our families travel to see their extended families in the months to come. The clarity and reliability of the school calendar are of great importance to our families and educators, and we would change the school calendar only with the greatest caution. At the same time, we will look at all options as time unfolds and we get a better sense of what may be possible in the months to come. We know how vital personal connections with family and loved ones are to the social-emotional and mental health of our community, and that will remain in the center of our considerations. 

We will continue to monitor the changes in the government guidelines and will update you as necessary if things change. 




Tom Boasberg