Dear Parents,

We have shared several updates this semester about our campus upgrade project, construction work on the West fields, and highlights from our design advisory group sessions. I want to take a moment to share a brief update about the project. 

If you have not yet done so, I encourage you to visit our home page on the campus upgrade. It has the latest information on our designs, sustainability principles, construction timeline, budget,  and community engagement. I think you will very much enjoy seeing how the designs are progressing and what exceptional learning environments are being planned. We are grateful to those of you who have participated in our design advisory group sessions and for the many faculty and staff who have contributed their voices to drive these designs.  

I am excited that work on the West fields is already well under way. Click here for some photos of the initial land clearing work that give some idea of the size of the additional athletic spaces we are building. Current plans are for those athletic spaces (full soccer pitch, softball field and tennis/multipurpose courts) to be finished by May. We are excited that, even with all the construction market challenges of COVID, the project is currently looking to come in under budget. 

As we continue work on the west fields and plan for construction next year, I want to share a bit more about some of our safety processes and protocols in place. We recognize the importance of clear, detailed, and thorough safety protocols at all phases of construction. Our director of facilities and services, Simon Thomas, has put together a brief video highlighting some of the work that is currently happening to ensure that safety, including the fact that the construction site is entirely fenced off and separated from the rest of the campus. Some highlights from his video include:

  • Safe management measures for all construction crew as outlined by the Singapore Government.

  • Construction traffic will enter and exit the campus using the West gate near the fields and away from students and general traffic

  • A bridge is being built to allow students to easily and safely access the West fields without having to cross any traffic

We are targeting completion of the West fields in May. We are working with local government officials and community members to find ways to share these fields during off-peak times with members of the Woodlands community.

With regard to the designs for our elementary school and high school, we have completed our final design advisory group sessions for this semester and we look forward to continuing our work together next semester. The ideas, feedback, and conversations have given our teams very useful insights as we work with our architects on the design of our new buildings. We will reach out near the beginning of next semester to let you know about the next set of opportunities to contribute to this work.

Finally, we continue to closely monitor the economic situation locally and abroad. We are fortunate that the financial health of the school continues to be strong. Additionally, we continue to see very favorable conditions in the debt markets that currently would allow us to take on debt financing for the campus upgrade at rates below our budgeted numbers. We recognize there remains a measure of uncertainty as the world continues to adjust to the constraints of the pandemic. Our board’s finance committee meets regularly to discuss and monitor these conditions.

Again, if you would like to learn more about this project, please visit our website. We’re excited about the opportunities this new campus will offer to our entire community.



Tom Boasberg