Dear Educators,

We are excited to share that The Straits Times recently announced “Singapore’s Best Employers 2021” and named Singapore American School as the fourth highest-rated employer in Singapore. The survey included 1,700 companies and organizations with over 200 employees in Singapore. The rankings are based on how highly employees at that organization would recommend it as a place to work to friends and colleagues. Thank you! 

We were excited to see the results. We have stressed many times that our number one priority is our people. We all know that the most important factor in our school's success is our ability to attract and retain talented educators, and then help them continue to grow professionally. So, it was very nice to see our educators rating the school so highly. Interestingly, we were the only non-profit and only educational institution in the top 35 employers.  

An accompanying article discusses some of the reasons for our educators’ ratings. Yesterday, in our monthly meeting with our teacher leaders, we asked them both what we have been doing well to attract and keep talented educators and what we can do better going forward. Their answers were quite interesting. 

Several items educators felt went well this year include:

  • “Going the extra mile to help educators during the pandemic, especially those who faced challenging family and health situations”

  • “Investing in additional resources to help us bring students and teachers back to campus safely”

  • “Clearly stating our focus for the year would be social-emotional wellness”

  • “Taking time to reflect and learn about diversity, equity, and inclusion in ways that have helped bring our whole community together”

  • “Listening and responding to feedback openly”

  • “Leaders who care”

As we shared earlier this semester, this year we averaged over 60 applicants per open position this year. While we are incredibly happy with the caliber of talent in our incoming group of educators, we also understand that recruitment is only one part of the equation. It is vital that we invest in the development and growth of our educators. We do this through a number of different programs, including; our robust professional learning community structure, our upcoming PLC coach prototype, scholarship opportunities for support staff made possible through donations from our educators, wellness initiatives, well-resourced classrooms, and our campus upgrade project.

On this last point, we owe a big thank you to our teacher leaders, school leaders, and operational heads. Their hard work, leadership, and caring is a big factor in our educators’ satisfaction with SAS. I am grateful to have such high quality leaders at SAS. 

Finally, we should point out that, while we have had a relatively consistent placement over the two years of the Straits Times survey (seventh overall last year and fourth overall this year), the relatively small sample size of the survey could lead to significant year on year changes in the data. 

We are excited to see this level of enthusiasm for our school, and we are committed going forward to continue to do all we can to attract, retain and help develop the talented educators who make SAS what it is.