Dear Parents,

On Wednesday, we shared with the parents, students and teachers on the Campus Upgrade Advisory Group, a new set of proposals around upgrading our campus (click here to see the proposal). We are excited about the possibilities for our students, above all to provide for:

  • Great learning environments

  • Strong communities 

  • Far-reaching improvements in art, science, technology, performing arts, and athletics facilities

  • Environmental sustainability 

The proposals benefitted from the extensive feedback we received in our community meetings this fall and contain a number of changes to respond to these suggestions. We received additional feedback from the advisory group on Wednesday and were encouraged by the positive response (click here to see the session recap). Separate sessions with students and teachers last week had provided enthusiastic support and thoughtful suggestions. 

We will share our proposals with our School Board next month and will update you on any decisions reached. 

During the multiple community sessions over the last several months, we held extensive conversations on different approaches and concerns. Here are a few of the most prominent suggestions we heard from community members and how we are approaching those issues.



To see greater detail on the proposals and to see some of the direct benefits each division will receive please click here to visit our website.

Our division principals spent several minutes during the meeting earlier this week sharing what this proposal would mean for students in their division: 

I have been here for 30 years and have done this process before as we planned the current Woodlands campus we are on. When I think about what this proposal means for the elementary school I am incredibly excited. This proposal will provide students and faculty unmatched opportunities for collaboration, engaging learning experiences, and most importantly, fun.

David Hoss, elementary school principal

This proposal opens up unparalleled opportunities for connection. Students will be able to connect with one another, nature, and faculty in more meaningful ways. Additionally, teachers will be able to connect and integrate subjects in ways that will help students to see our world in all its beauty and complexity. Above all, this proposal allows us to expand the possibilities for our students and faculty.”

Lauren Mehrbach, middle school principal

One of the biggest pieces of feedback we received from our parents, students, and faculty was: “How can we get more benefits to the high school sooner?” I’m grateful for that question because it shows how much our students and educators are cared for. This proposal strives to provide current high school freshman major improvements in dining/community spaces, learning spaces, APEx, and our performing arts spaces. Personally, I’m excited about how this proposal creates opportunities for connections—connections with one another and connections across various subjects and departments.”

Stephen Ly, high school principal

If you have thoughts you would like to share on the project, please share them here.

Thank you.


Tom Boasberg