Last week, we shared a brief survey in eNews about our start of school operations. Thank you for taking time to share your feedback with us. We had 255 participants complete the survey and the data is outlined below. Here is a link to the full survey results.

In total 77 percent of respondents said that their child has had a good/very good experience at the start of the year. We have felt that excitement on campus, and our hope is that we can continue to see that number increase as students settle into routines and as we are able to phase in some of the missing social activities our students enjoy like our activities and athletics programs.

We asked specifically about our arrival and dismissal processes because we know they have been a challenge. Based on your feedback and our ongoing efforts to increase efficiency while maintaining safety as our priority, we have implemented the following adjustments:

  • Walkers will only be able to use the east gate next to the elementary school and the middle school gate in the morning. We will not permit walkers to come through the main gate. This is to avoid the challenges and delays of where pedestrians and cars have to cross just inside the main gate.  It will improve the safety and efficiency of the bus drop-off process.

  • We have employed trained traffic management personnel to facilitate traffic entering campus, and exiting back onto Woodlands St 41 

    • You may be redirected as a private car driver; we appreciate your understanding and support as these traffic wardens direct vehicles for the most efficient flow 

  • We will continue to prioritize school buses entering campus at all times over cars

  • We will now be able to allow all cars (including taxis and Grab drivers) onto campus starting at 3:25 p.m. This means that students being picked up in cars at the middle school and high school will be dismissed at the same time as walkers.  

    • We encourage afternoon car pickup of students on campus rather than in the adjacent HDB block or neighborhood, as it will be safer, more efficient, and more convenient. If you plan to use the HDB, please consider parking in the parking structure while waiting for your student to help minimize traffic.

Based on the feedback shared to the open-response question at the end of the survey, three areas for improvement emerged:

  • Dining/cafeteria

  • Recess

  • Traffic

This data aligns with several of the areas our team is working on currently. We are hopeful to be able to phase in the use of our cafeterias and our food service next month. Our first priority is to find a safe way to allow students to have greater opportunities to eat lunch and enjoy time with their friends. We are working on the systems to allow us to do that. We are also working with our food service providers to develop systems that efficiently and at large scale allow for pre-ordering of food so that we can reduce queues and crowding in the cafeterias.  

We understand the importance of movement and physical activity for students of all ages. The elementary school has done an amazing job organizing individual zones for groups of five students to allow students to still enjoy recess. To create zones for groups of five in the smaller play area available in the middle school, we need to be able to create 65 individual zones that are not being used by PE or other classes. Our team is actively exploring how to provide more opportunities for movement within the constraints of our space.

Thank you for your responses and for your support. We will share a similar survey later this semester to help gauge the effectiveness of our adjustments and to see where further improvement is needed.



Tom Boasberg