Dear Parents,

To those of you who shared their thoughts in this year’s survey, thank you! We appreciate your taking the time and value your feedback. As a leadership team, we look at the results in planning our strategies for the next year and years to come.  

I outline below the highlights of the results that came from this year’s parent survey. To see the complete survey results in comparison to last year’s survey, click here. One thing to note is that the sample size for the data this year is much lower than last year with a drop of over 60 percent in the number of parents who responded on average to each question. This is potentially due to the conflicting demands/emotions of the last couple of weeks we have all faced with the government’s announcement of new COVID and travel restrictions.

Overall, we saw a decline in positive answers to most questions, with increases more in the neutral category than in the negative category. Our three highest-scoring answers include:

  • My child is safe at SAS (89 percent of respondents strongly agree/agree)

  • SAS is preparing my child for the future (79 percent of respondents strongly agree/agree)

  • SAS provides learning experiences that my child can apply outside of the classroom (75 percent of respondents strongly agree/agree)

Our three lowest scoring questions were: 

  • I am satisfied with the food provided by the cafeteria (39 percent of respondents strongly agree/agree)

  • The school uses financial resources wisely (49 percent of respondents strongly agree/agree)

  • Co-curricular activities and athletic offerings are high quality (50 percent of respondents strongly agree/agree)

Among our seven learning aspirations, our parents felt we are strongest in developing our students’ communication skills (85 percent agree/strongly agree) compared to 65 percent of parents who said the same for our development of students’ cultural competence. 

Of particular concern are the three areas where we saw the biggest drop in the number of parents who agree/strongly agree: 

  • There are opportunities for me to be as involved with the school as I would like  (17 point drop)

  • There are opportunities to provide feedback and input  (14 point drop)

  • SAS has a positive school culture (13 point drop)

Some of this decline may be attributable to the restrictions the pandemic has imposed on us for the last year. At the same time, we are concerned about the declines and they point to areas of work for us. 

Thank you again for your time in responding to the survey. 



Tom Boasberg