Dear Parents,

As we shared last spring, we are utilizing the widely used Panorama Education tool to conduct an annual social-emotional wellness survey to better understand our students’ social-emotional experiences at SAS. This comprehensive survey complements the ongoing wellness spot checks we do regularly to collect real-time social-emotional data throughout the year. 

Together, this data allows us to be responsive to the immediate needs of our students and highlights trends that inform our long-term planning. We review this data carefully to determine our strengths and areas for growth in supporting our students in their social-emotional development and to adjust our strategies going forward. At our last in-service day, teachers looked closely at the data and determined how they wanted to provide and adjust supports for our students. 

The Panorama Student Survey was developed in 2014 by a team of researchers at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Panorama Data. Panorama serves over 13 million students in 1,500+ districts across the United States in addition to a number of international schools around the world.

The survey consists of questions that fall into five different social-emotional categories with two additional categories for our sixth grade to twelfth grade students:

  • School safety

  • School climate

  • Student-teacher relationships

  • Sense of belonging

  • Engagement

  • Diversity and inclusion (only administered to sixth to twelfth grade students)

  • Cultural awareness and action (only administered to sixth to twelfth grade students)

Below you will find data from both the spring and fall surveys. The left side of the table shows only the % of favorable responses (4s and 5s on a scale of 1-5)  along with the percent difference from last spring to this fall.  The right side shows the percentage of favorable plus somewhat favorable/neutral responses (3s, 4s and 5s).  

We are pleased to see score increases in several areas with no decreases in any category. And, we recognize there are key areas for us to focus on.  We also recognize this will be work we engage in for years to come. During our recent inservice day, each division focused on two areas for growth and educators built personal plans for improving their work in these areas.

Elementary School

  • School safety (are children being kind to each other)

  • Student-teacher relationships

Middle School and High School

  • Engagement

  • Sense of belonging

We are excited to partner with our students in this work. Next semester, the dean of student life in each division will arrange student focus groups to help us better understand how to create meaningful positive change in this work.

Thank you for your continued support in this important work.


Tom Boasberg