Dear Parents,

We are grateful for your support as we launch this new school year. Our goal this year—to ensure that school is both a safe place and place of joy—is not an easy one in the face of the pandemic.  I have been excited, though, to see our progress over the first couple of weeks. In the dozens of classrooms I visited this week, it was terrific to see the level of energy and learning, and the attention to safe routines. 

We are excited to announce that we are ready to begin to phase in our co-curricular activities and athletics programs. We know these activities play a vital role in the development and growth of our students and how much our students look forward to them. 

We are excited to get back to our stages, fields, and student clubrooms after school. There are significant restrictions on the manner in which we can offer many activities, and we will continue to evaluate our activities based on current government requirements. Please read carefully about both the opportunities and the restrictions involved. With the pandemic, we have had to make many changes and will continue to update you on where we are. 

Below you will find our current projected timeline with a brief description of what will happen in each division.

Projected Start Dates

  • Monday, August 17 High School

  • Saturday, August 22 Eagle Activities and Athletics

  • Monday, August 31 Middle School

Elementary School

We are awaiting a change in the guidance from the Ministry of Education to begin co-curricular activities in elementary school. Until that time, we are excited to be able to offer several Eagle Activities and Athletics (EAA) programs to our fourth and fifth grade students on weekends from August 22 - October 11. Activities include Baseball, Basketball, Coding, Dance, Debate, Model United Nations, Robotics and Technology, Sewing, Soccer, and Swimming. Please click here to see the offerings and to register your child. If you have any questions, please contact the EAA office.

Middle School

Middle school afterschool activities will be launched in two phases. On August 31 we will begin offering dance, intramural sports, clubs offering physical activity, and representative (REP) sports. General clubs will begin on September 14 and more information will be made available closer to the launch of those activities. Additional information regarding middle school activities and athletics can be found here.

High School

Our high school offers over a dozen varsity sports and over 100 service and activity clubs. We have prioritized the start of high school activities and athletics.  We are changing the sequence of our seasons, bringing up our usual final season (Season 4, which does not have interscholastic games) to make it our first season.  We are hopeful we will have opportunities later in the year to have athletic contests with other schools both in Singapore and IASAS, but that will depend on circumstances at the time. 

This week’s eNews has a number of items with further details regarding the start of these programs -- both the opportunities and the restrictions involved. This information is also linked below:

Intramural Athletics
Clubs and Activities

This week, the six IASAS schools made the decision to postpone the season one championships, given the restrictions in international travel. We recognize the impact of this on our student athletes and our team is working hard to create alternative athletic opportunities. One of the decisions we made was to move our season four intramural athletics forward. These will now begin on Monday, August 17. Additionally, we are working with several of our external vendors to run weekend training sessions. We will have more information about that next week.

Eagle Activities and Athletics (EAA)

The programs we will offer students between now and fall break will be managed by our Eagle Activities and Athletics (EAA) team.  EAA will run weekday programs for high and middle school students and weekend activities for students from fourth to twelfth grade from August 22 - October 11. Registration will begin today at 8.00.p.m in CHQ where all finalized schedules will be available.

August 22 - October 11: Weekend activities for grades 4 - 12
August 24 - October 09: Weekday activities available for high school students
August 31 - October 09: Weekday activities available for middle school students

For additional information about our eagle activities and athletics programs, please see specific announcements in this week’s eNews under your child’s division.

We are excited to be able to offer these opportunities to our students once again. I want to extend my thanks to our faculty and staff for the creative adjustments to calendars and processes to ensure we can safely allow students to enjoy these co-curricular activities and athletics. 

Thank you for your continued support!


Tom Boasberg