Dear Parents,

Wow—what a week! I just got back to campus after the successful completion of our first-ever Singapore Interim Semester. Over 1,200 students and 124 faculty and staff set out across Singapore to enjoy unique experiences, learn how Singapore is tackling the United Nations sustainable development goals, and in many cases see a new side of our host country.

Congratulations to our high school team for thoughtfully organizing and executing dozens of unique experiences for our students. They had to completely rethink Interim Semester and not only provide a host of new experiences with a sustainability focus but also ensure the health and safety of our students and educators. From kayaking in the northern channel near Sembawang to snorkeling off the southern island of St. John’s, from collaborating on performing arts at the Stamford Arts Centre to creating visual arts at the Goodman Arts Centre, our students and their fearless group leaders crisscrossed every corner of the island!

Check out this video with some of the major highlights from this week.

On each day this week, I had the chance to spend the day with a different Interim Semester group. I had the opportunity to participate with students in activities ranging from creating artwork from natural dyes, a walking tour where we learned about Singapore’s water management system, a cycling trip from Marina Barrage across western Singapore back up to school, and a Chinatown tour focusing on life in Singapore during the 1920s.

With so many new activities, we had a few ups and downs and growing pains. That is always part of the learning process. But, from dozens and dozens of students I heard how grateful they were for the activities, the thoughtful mentoring of their teachers, and the time to try new things with their friends.  

I am grateful to Dan Skimin, our Interim Semester coordinator, and our high school team for all their hard work to make this possible. And, I am thrilled to be in a school with so many students so eager, enthusiastic, and grateful to try new things and to have so much fun doing so!


Tom Boasberg

P.S. If you’re interested in learning more about the history of Interim Semester, check out this great article we shared to celebrate 45 years of Interim Semester.