Dear Parents,

Greetings from Manila, where I am running from event to event, watching our boys and girls cross country, soccer, and volleyball teams compete in their IASAS championship tournaments. You can view the live footage of the events here and check out the latest standings here. It has been very energizing to see so many members of our community here, and our Eagles are representing us well both on and off the field and court.

Typically, our athletes travel throughout the region for the IASAS tournament but this special “Super-IASAS” is being hosted entirely by the International School of Manila to help commemorate their 100th anniversary as a school. Nearly 400 athletes from across the region are gathered at ISM to compete as teams and to enjoy the camaraderie that athletics sparks.

For our students, IASAS offers the unique opportunity to stay with families from the host school. Students love this opportunity to stay with host families, meet students from the host schools and develop friendships across borders that often endure long after they graduate from SAS.  

Since its inception in 1982, IASAS has provided our athletes an opportunity each season to test their athleticism, teamwork, and stamina in the face of a tiring series of games/events over three days. At their best, our sports teams are opportunities for our kids to grow in character as much as they are to grow in athletic skills. That is why our coaches and our whole athletics team put such an emphasis on the Eagle Way as the character foundation for all our athletes do. 

As our teams prepare to head into the final day of competition let’s send our Eagles our best wishes for a great day of fun, teamwork, and personal bests!



Tom Boasberg