Dear Parents,

新年快乐!Xīnnián kuàilè!

As we prepare to celebrate the lunar new year, I want to extend my warmest wishes!

Last week, I shared a video highlighting some of our teachers and support staff who are celebrating milestone anniversaries this year here at SAS. One of the things that struck me as I spoke with some of our instructional assistants about their 20+ years at SAS is how much they have personally grown during that time. They spoke gratefully about how that growth has impacted both their professional and personal lives.

I am pleased that two anonymous families have generously agreed to join my family to announce this year’s $116,888 Lucky 8s Challenge, to reward and amplify money contributed to SAS by our own SAS educators. All of the challenge grant money will go towards supporting professional learning and growth opportunities for our IAs and support staff.  It is an impactful way for us to invest in our IAs and support staff and say thank you to them for their many contributions to our school. 

Our students benefit each day from the support of our instructional assistants and we all benefit from the work our support staff carry out each day. The unlocked funds represent an opportunity for these employees to continue their professional growth and to explore paths they might never have otherwise been able to enjoy. This is also a great opportunity for all of our employees to come together and give back to our school community. 

The Lucky 8’s Challenge, kicking off at the start of the lunar year, is a giving participation challenge for our employees. The size of their gifts to the SAS Foundation does not matter but the percentage of participation has a direct impact on how much challenge money is unlocked. When we reach 40 percent participation from our educators, the first $8,000 will be unlocked. When giving reaches 60 percent, a further $50,000 will be unlocked, and when we hit 80 percent participation, the final $58,888 will be unlocked. Click here to see the video we shared with our educators to kick off this year’s challenge.


Last year, at this same time, we launched our first-ever employee Lucky 8s campaign. The campaign resulted in a record 60% of our employees making a gift to the school (three times our previous record high!), which unlocked $116,888 in funds. We are looking forward to round two this year. 

Please join me in thanking our educators in advance for their contributions and, of course, please feel free to join them! 

I hope you all enjoy the start of the lunar new year celebrations this weekend!

恭喜发财!Gōng xǐ fā cái! 


Tom Boasberg